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Andy008 | 23:27 Mon 31st Oct 2005 | History
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The old BT "piper" logo contains a hidden serpent - the red limbs of the piper character resembles a snake, is this deliberate, and does it have some sort of mysterious hidden meaning? T_piperQ.jpg


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What does it make you think of Andy?
I would say it's highly unlikely to have significance whatsoever! I'd never seen the snake in there before you mentioned it and I suspect its entirely co-incidental.

You mean the hand cupping the ear?

I took this to symolise speaking (the trumpet pipe thing) and listening (cupping the ear), as you would perhaps symolically - on a phone.

never noticed that before Andy, but it does, you're right. Why not start an internet myth about how it was designed by a member of one of those snake-handling Christian sects of the American west and meant to symbolise the Garden of Eden or something?

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The old BT logo

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