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237SJ | 13:51 Mon 14th Mar 2016 | History
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If you join Ancestry, can you see copies of peoples` death certificates? I have a copy of my family tree that someone gave us and I would be interested to know what all of the relatives died of.


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Some do but they dont all show a reason for death.
You normally need to send for one, I think they are about £9 now.
yes dont buy through Ancestry though as they are more expensive use the NRO.

If and when I connect up with someone else's tree, after getting to know them a bit (online) I will ask if they can email certificates for the relation we have in common. If they don't have it, I say, that's no big problem. Indeed, because of the expense, I've only ever got certificates for direct ancestors (i.e. not their siblings) and wouldn't expect any different for other people.

If you're properly related, they should have *already* bought the certificate for the common ancestor, otherwise, your online trees would never have connected, beyond the matching names level.

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Thanks for the replies. I don`t want to buy certificates. Hypo - I don`t belong to Ancestry. The family tree is one that some people (American, I think) gave my parents when they turned up on the doorstep having been directed there by either the shop or the pub when they came to the village to look at the family tomb. A common occurance - we had Americans, Canadians and Australians. This was years ago before most people had computers. The tree I have starts in 1537 and the family have lived (owned a large part of) the village continuously so were easy to trace. I just thought I would like to know what the more recent members (ie my G Grandfather) died of.
Be wary of the American trees, with no disrespect, i`ve seen some absolute howlers on them. You can get a 30 day trial on ancestry or you could buy an older copy of Family Tree Maker that will still give you 3 months access. I carry the full international Ancestry subscription as I research trees for people as a hobby, and a bit of petrol money. i`ve seen people aged 341, impossible relationships and many ill-thought out connections. For the record my tree is approx 6300 people dating back to 970AD.
there is a charge for DC and it is cheaper to do it at source UK BMD

and yes I found ancestry v good calue

and recollect that DCs are notoriously inaccurate
and in the C19 presumably were guesswork ( altho post mortems were MUCH more common ) Virchow I think did 70000 - during his life ! not per year
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Thanks for the answer PP. I think you are fab - even if I am not always completely sure what you are talking about!
Death Certs are only on ancestry if someone's posted them there, which doesn't seem to happen all that often, at least in my own family. I've ordered quite a few myself and sent copies to any interested relatives. As Hypo suggests, try to find a relative who may have some already. But if it's just the odd one, you can easily order them online if you know where and when they died. If not, look them up on

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Ancestry - Death Certificates

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