Remember Christmas Tv And Disney Time?

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Mosaic | 14:32 Mon 21st Dec 2015 | History
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The Christmas Day TV thread made me remember that as a child on Christmas Day there was always a Disney Time programme.....clips from everything......and I loved it. Does anyone else remember this unbelievable Tv treat?


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Yes I remember them well, Mosaic. I used to love watching them to ( and Christmas day Top Of The Pops ).
...and there was Billy Smart's circus.
Oh yes Billy Smarts as well.
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Billy Smart's Circus! Oh yes! With the very frightening clowns that spoke in an odd sort of language....
And sometimes - The Snow Queen - or Bambi - both of which made me sob.
That was when Disney did not allow any tv channel to play its films in full. VHS had been out years before Disney released any of its films on video. You had to go to the cinema.
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Aren't they still very protective of their films? When I used to buy my kids videos they were always 'on sale for a limited time'.
They always seemed to be when my kids were little to, Mosaic ( limited time).

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Remember Christmas Tv And Disney Time?

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