Who Was King Arthur

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TonyKan | 11:28 Fri 18th Dec 2015 | History
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You have the whole internet in front of you, the largest collection of information the world has ever known, so do you really need to ask this?

Surely a simple search will give the answer.

"Google is your friend"
He ran the NUM once when he had delusions of grandeur.!!
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nobody knows. He may have been some sort of chieftain of a British tribe about the time that the Roman legions left and before the Anglo-Saxons arrived; but many of the stories became current many centuries later.
Had Henry VIII's brother not died prematurely we would have had a king Arthur and a few people might have stayed attached to their heads a little longer.
He was a British leader. It takes 5-10 secs if you want to know more about this legend. I am making it easier to you just follow the link and get everything you want to know.
King Arthur is a English legend/fable. There are differing views of who he might be based on, if anyone. Historians have never been able to prove there was ever a King Arthur of any sort.

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Who Was King Arthur

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