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Very interesting. Thanks.
Enjoyed that, loved the old Charas,Ta.
Very interesting AOG,

where was the health & safety vermin when you need them, on the roller coaster?

And them 3 little kids outside the house.
Have just accessed the site, it looks brilliant.

I remember a little about the beauty parades, they all had pointed boobs.
Cowboy bras trt. Round em up and head em out.
Not all fun and games tho was it 'Balsall Heath Slum, 1971: This mother and child live with outside toilets, rubbish piled up along the 'backs' and damp conditions
Question Author

/// Cowboy bras trt. Round em up and head em out. ///

Good one, it's the first time I have heard that one.

Notice there were not any bikinis, but thinking about it were they not banned from Beauty Contests?
They were after they chased a shock in the 1951 contest.
Sorry caused not chased.
Great old pics, aog.
I have dived off that top board in the first photo ( Blackpool ).
My parents didn't have a bathroom or inside loo until the late 70s. It wasn't a slum, both parents were hardworking and owned their own house.

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