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Ward-Minter | 19:16 Wed 03rd Aug 2005 | History
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Can anybody give me the definative guide to the luck/bad luck of black cats?

i.e the direction they cross you, day or night, good luck/bad luck, do they have to be jet black etc etc etc.

Many thanks in advance!


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As far as I know, a Black Cat crossing your path in the UK is good luck.  In the US it's bad luck.

Click here and then do a search by going to Edit...Find (on this page)...type the word cat in the Find next. You'll find lots of references to cat superstitions and their history, including the good/bad elements of black ones.

Black Cats... The Goddess Bias was many colors, and the fear of the cat....not black cat, just cat, came years before Christians took over Europe. In Druid Celtics belief, the cat was a dark and evil verminous creature. If a black, or other cat was to walk to you, this was a good omen, if it were to walk away from you, this was bad.

i think its very bad luck if a black cat follows you

especially if you are a mouse lol

All i have heard is its lucky if a black cat crosses your path which i would think means to go across you!!!!!

The way I've heard is:-

If a cat walks infront of you, it's good luck.

If a cat walks behind you, it's bad luck.

Good luck..... heheh!!

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Black Cats

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