Meon Hill witchcraft murder

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Andy008 | 15:10 Sat 18th Jun 2005 | History
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I was reading about this recently, was the killer ever caught?


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No, It still unsolved, click the link below. Its a BBC link and it is bang up to date. With a one liner in the middle of it all saying "The crime, however, has never been solved." 5-witchcraft-murder.shtml

Hmmm... I just tried the link and I am not sure it works so I have pasted it here for you: (A snipit anyway)

19th June 2005
Valentine's Day is etched in the minds of people in a small South Warwickshire village forever because of a strange murder, carried out among rumours of witchcraft and black magic.

When his body was found, villagers were shocked at the scene of the brutal and unusual murder.

Charles' trouncing hook was embedded in his throat and his body was pinned to the floor by his pitch fork.

Witchcraft was suspected as a large cross was carved into his chest.

One legend from the eighth century says the Devil kicked a boulder from the top of the hill, intending to smash the recently built Evesham Abbey.

People there then carved the stone into the shape of a cross, to rid it of evil from the Devil's touch.

Meon Hill seen from College Farm
Witchcraft was investigated as a possible connection to the crime because of the corpse's cross and because hayforks had been used before in the murder of witches.

A striking passage in the book stated a Charles Walton died in 1885 - 60 years before our victim's death - after seeing a foreboding ghost.

Rumours of the more recently killed Charles Walton being involved in witchcraft - and possibly being the same man as the earlier victim - endure.

The investigation 

The crime, however, has never been solved.

Oh, I found the problem on that link...its to do with a stupid virus, dont worry it wont affect you, its a common one that seems to affect links.Just click the link, and you will see at the end of the address </P> just delete this and hit enter again. This will take you to the site.
Brooklyn - sorry about this - I've reported your 2nd post, the one with the details; I think it's a bit explicit (not sexually of course) for a family site. Sorry if I seem officious but I'd say it was a bit upsetting for kids to come across over the weekend
Goodness jno, you are being a bit overprotective!
if it's ok for the bbc i'm sure the readers of answerbank will cope jno
might be explicit but have u seen what jerry did to tom with that red hot poker the other day on boomerang?? my word, my 4 year old was in hysterics at it
guess you're right undercovers though I don't always trust the BBC's judgment. At any rate I imagine this has been reviewed and cleared, so it meets the site's specifications. I'm all in favour of knowledge-sharing and reluctant to ban things; I'll just have to be less fretful over kids in future. Apologies to anyone who thinks I'm an interfering idiot; perhaps I am.
Typical another story about evil killer witches cheers! I'm a witch (and I dont care if you think thats dumb) and it's really annoying everytime we hear this rubbish apart from anything else witches dont believe in the christian God ( so why a cross) so we obviously wouldn't believe in a christian Devil, much less worship him! Pah!
PS I'm not angry at you lot honestly just the story :)
Was the murder on Meon Hill or nearby Lark Stoke Hill?

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Meon Hill witchcraft murder

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