Need sme advice please?!?

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johnsk1 | 11:14 Thu 18th Oct 2012 | History
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About 3 months ago i broke my friendship with my best friend, i mean i was the one who said i we shouldnt be friends as i felt i was constantly getting offended to the things she would say to me, and we would always fall out anyway, i mean i was alaways the one to apologise in our frienship when i done wrong, and she rarely would when she does wrong. It not only because of that, i mean i know i was also being taking advantage of for my good nature. I would always help her out when she needed it, and bought her presents for her birthday and christmas, and not once did i get anything from her not even a card. I just thought maybe my friendship doesnt me alot to her, i mean we was best friends for about 6 years in all.. Well before we broke friends we both created a bad situation for ourselfs as it started out because i was going through a stressful time losing a family member, and she did try and be there for me, but i didnt want her to and i told her that to as she was going through something major. However she didnt like it and happen to get her sister who was twice my age to send me a voicemail basically telling me to give her space and to stop being unfair to her, and at the end of that voicemail my ex bestfriend said i would probably fb a status to the fact that her sister sent me a voicemail which i found out of order. So i mail my ex best friend saying i wont post a fb status dont worry haha. which then she didnt reply, and i also said i do apologise if i upset you to be having your sister sending me a voice mail and that if you like space then i will give you space, to which then she still didnt reply. So instead i mailed her sister saying i do apologise if i upset her and you, to which then she mailed me back a threat basically saying dont come down hard on her, and to not hack her fb again. I mean did hack her fb once or twice ages ago bfore this recent situation do to the fact when we broke friends she would say horrible stuff to me to my other good friend, which i was curious to know what she was saying, but i always told her that i did go into your facebook to find out what you was saying about me when we was friends, and after that i did promise i wouldnt ever do it again and i stood by my word, and she was cool with it. But because she cant get into her hotmail anymore she blames me, and she wouldnt say it to me she just told her sister that i was the cause for that. And of course her sister would believe her which is why she sent that threat saying dont ever hack her fb as she would come down hard on me. I just dont get why my ex best friend would also use the past against me, so i did get upset, and thats when i basically said to my bestfriend we shouldnt be friends due to all this, which still she didnt text back she just told her sister, so then her sisters starts to swear at me by and saying i have a bizarre obsession over her sister and crap, which i tried to defend myself against her sister, but ended up getting more upset and angry. And my mother did pick up on it and was wondering why i was, so i told her everything and the next day she went down to her house and just talked about it with her and her sister, to which then my exbest friend sister couldnt handle it so tried to shut the door in my mum face several times, so then my mum gave up told me everything. And then the following day my ex best friend sister would get the police advice on me, and she text me saying she did and to not ever contact her or my ex best friend again, so i didnt for like 2 months, until i had to collect something back that was mine of her, and when i did i apologised for eveything i caused, but still she doesnt apologise for her for what she did wrong, all she basically said was how life was getting hard for her at home.. Anway i came across a interesting article that i think she would love to read, and just thought should i mail her this article, so yeah what do you think guys?


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useful phrase daffy
Wow- you typed that quickly, or did you paste it in.

I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you want us to comment on the article because you haven't included it?
Can you precis this article using proper punctuation, and split it into relevant paragraphs?

I did try to read it, but I'm afraid my eyes glazed over. If you saw an article like this in the Sun or even the Times I don't think you would bother to read it, you would just turn to another page.

Did you write the original article that was found by Factor 30 or did you just copy and paste it?
plus, wrong topic
What a long-winded way to ask if you should send an e-mail!!!!!

Just forward the article.......she can hardly drag you through the computer if she objects!
dotty, you sure? I mean the friend IS history!

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Need sme advice please?!?

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