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Jansy | 12:16 Sat 21st Apr 2012 | History
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Patrick Bronte (the father of Charlotte, Emily and Anne) was born in Ireland, I believe. How would I find out the names of his siblings? Any help with this will be gratefully received.


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I'm not sure, but I believe they were originally called 'Brunty'.
Question Author
Thank you Jackthehat, I will start searching under that surname next!
You're welcome. :o)
Have seen the name suggested as Prunty too!
Ah, yes.......that, too!
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Yes thank you Margie04, just come across that too! Still haven't found any siblings though but will keep looking.
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Found them! William, Hugh and James Prunty. Only problem I've got now is whether they took on the name Bronte aswell.
Did they stay in Ireland?

If they did, I imagine they would have kept their original name. It is/was not unusual to find a change in spelling/adoption of a similar name when there was a great distance put between the 'immigrant' and their home circumstances.
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I've just discovered a family tree with all of these names in and a couple of the brothers DID take on the name Bronte. Unfortunately, I haven't found the particular (alleged) descendant I'm seeking.
What I am really looking for is the family of Emily K. Bronte who died at the age of 83 in Exeter in 1960. My grandmother, who had a nursing home, looked after her for some time before Emily passed away. Emily had left her a sequin cape and when I ever mentioned the cape, Nanny always used to say, "that belonged to the Bronte's you know". I just wondered if Emily K. was a descendant from THE Brontes!
Hmmmm.......that sounds like an interesting mystery to uncover.

Let us know how you get on.

I'm sure that there are others here far better qualified than me to assist you with any hurdles you may encounter. :o)
Question Author
Thanks again Jackthehat, I do hope that there are some more fellow ABers who are able to help me, as I'm reaching the limit of my capabilities!
This is the sort of question which your friendly local Public Library reference specialist can put on a nation-wide question-and-answer website for other librarians to pick up. If s/he can't answer it on the spot, that is.
Question Author
Thanks Atalanta for the idea, I shall remember that for other queries I may have.
In the meantime, I've Emailed the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth to see if they can help me.
Ancestry gives a listing for William Prunty and siblings.
Patrick Bronte born 1777, the only Bronte, the rest are Prunty
Hugh, James, Welsh, Jane, Mary Sarah, all born between 1781 and 1791 but the mother's name is give as Eleanor McClory, as opposed to the LDS listing which has Alice as the mother.
The originally came from Banbridge
Emily Kate Bronte was born on 19 Apr 1876 in Armagh to Matthew Bronte and Catherine Jane.
The mother was born Catherine Jane Steele.
I can't find the Bronte/Steele marriage but have found 3 siblings for Emily Kate.

Robert Matthew born 8/6/1879
Maude Isabella born 29/10/1874
Martha Victoria born 1/1/1872
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Thank you Zebo, Sandyroe and Craft 1948! You have been busy on my behalf.
Unfortunately, I still haven't heard back from the Bronte Parsonage Museum. Therefore, I still haven't discovered if Emily K. Bronte was related to Charlotte, Emily and Anne.
Perhaps if anyone on AB would be able to find out about Matthew Bronte's (Emily K.'s father) father, uncles, grandfathers, etc. I would love to hear from you.
Many thanks to everyone for their help so far!
Matthew Robert Bronte, born 8 Jun e 1879 in Armagh, was a qualified doctor, licensiate of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons in Ireland and was Home Office pathologist/Crown Analyst for Ireland in early 20th century. He served as a captain in the RAMC in World War 1 but is most notable for being chief sparring partner and critic of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, the latterly discredited, self-seeking public personality and celebrity pathologist. Their expert opinions clashed most notably in the celebrated 'Thorne' murder case in 1925. Bronte, described by his critics as 'a garrulous Irishman' was nonetheless a capable and professional pathologist, whose image suffered somewhat in competition with Spilsbury's sang-froid and self promotion. It would be no exaggeration to describe them as bitter enemies, and journalists at the time referred to their courtroom conflict as 'the Celt versus the Sazon'. Bronte was not considered to be very good in the witness box, but personally, I like the fellah. I hope this is of interest to you. DJ Kelly, author of 'Running with Crows' (soon to be published - concerns one of Bronte's cases) and 'A Wistful Eye - The Tragedy of a Titanic Shipwright' (published - Amazon)

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