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sith123 | 19:05 Mon 14th Nov 2011 | History
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as it was a gift from the French, how did they build it in the middle of the sea, why and how long did it take?


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They built it in France..........I have a picture where you can see from down an alleyway, surrounded by scaffolding.
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if it was built in france, that poses the question how the hell did they transport it to america?
Copied from Wiki.
The statue was constructed in France, shipped overseas in crates, and assembled on the completed pedestal on what was then called Bedloe's Island. The statue's completion was marked by New York's first ticker-tape parade and a dedication ceremony presided over by President Grover Cleveland.
designed and initially paid for, then the project failed and the new yorkers had to pay to complete it!
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oh, ok, thanks sidkid.
they kept a copy of their own

and its tiny.....

The French thought that it could be a naval win.....Question - what wars did the French ever win? They had one draw and that was their own revolution.....
It was designed by Eiffel (of tower fame) and was a centenary present.
what have the french ever done???? anything????
The model for the statue was Welsh.
what wars did the French win? Er, the Hundred Years' War? Pyrrhic victory perhaps but the English were left with nothing but Calais.
The Americans don't like it mentioned but they'd neverhe won the war of independance without the cheese eating surrender monkeys on their side
>>>what have the french ever done???? anything????

The standard "joke" in the UK is that the French surrender straight away, and "we" have to go in and rescue them.

But then you read about the Battle of Verdun in WW1, in which the Germans wanted to capture the town of Verdun.

The Germans began trying to take Verdun in February 1916 and the battle went on all year, with the French eventually driving the Germans back in December.

There were 550,000 French casulties and nearly 450,000 German casulties, half on both side being fatalities.

Hardly the image of a nation who surrender at the first sign of war.
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what do you mean by that??
Ignore him Sith. I thought it was very interesting and have learned some more probably useless things by reading through the posts.
Teddy_boy you should learn to type properly yourself before coming on here making remarks. My Grandson is very interested in this and I was able to help him with his project.

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Statue of liberty

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