Chalice and the sword

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coffeeman | 22:18 Tue 14th Nov 2006 | Myths & Legends
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What is the significance of the Chalice and the sword together...think it was referred to In the Da Vinci code.?


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The Chalice is supposed to be the cup Jesus drank out of at the last supper, and the sword is the one that is supposed to be the one that was put into his side on the cross.

Both are supposed to have mystical powers.

Others may be able to elaborate on that, if Clanads around, he'd be ideal.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lonnie but I've never read the book. Neither of the articles mentioned here have any reference in Scripture. It's clear from eyewitness accounts that the thrust in Yeshua's side was done with a Roman spear, probably the commonly issued pilum which was about 4 feet long with a 9 inch tip used for thrusting rather than throwing. John, the Apostle and eyewitness states the Romans were surprised Ha Massiach was already dead but thrust the spear anyway to assure He was dead, which was followed by an effullent of blood and water, exactly what modern medical experts expect from one who has died of suffocation, which is the usual result of crucifixion. The cup or chalice isn't mentioned at all other than Yeshua commanding at the final supper to remember Him each time they partake of the cup...
The Da Vinci Code elaborated on the theory that the ancient symbol of the chalice represents the female womb, and conversely the symbol of the sword represents the male phallus. What the significance is of the two together, I don't know (apart from the obvious...)
In the book, the professor, Robert, explains the symbolism of a male phallic symbol being a sword or triangle that points upward, and a female symbol being the reverse, a �chalice� that represents a female�s womb.

In fact, the symbolism of the �male� and �female� does not come from any Christian history or ancient documents at all; instead it appears Dan Brown got the idea from Riane Eisler�s The Chalice and the Blade, which has been called a �provocative, feminist reinterpretation of history�. The ritual of a sword being dipped in a chalice comes from Gardenian Wiccan practice, a form of neo-pagan witchcraft.

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Chalice and the sword

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