Lucky Horseshoes

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muddlemuch | 15:14 Sun 07th Jul 2013 | Myths & Legends
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Hi A/b's not sure where to post this so here goes which way up should a lucky horseshoe be orientated?.

Thanks rick


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The ends upwards to hold in the luck. like this U
With the curve of the shoe at the bottom, I believe.
Yes like a cup
to keep the luck in, it should be a U shape as has been mentioned.
Lucky elephants should also have their trunks up.
If you hang it upwards 'U' then a witch can use it to swing in !
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Thanks to all will hang it as a U
There's a story of a German U-boat captured in WWII. It had a horseshoe painted on the side of the conning tower, but with the open end pointing downward.. The German commander was told it was obvious why his boat had been caprured - the horseshoe was upside-down, and all the luck had fallen out.

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Lucky Horseshoes

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