Is There Life After Death

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locusts | 18:28 Sun 03rd Feb 2013 | Myths & Legends
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This may interest YOU

you - how recognize the resurrection

if the soul goes to heaven?????

these four /returns to life / / / represent people who had died

Jesus have been dead for three days and was resurrect //
to life as a spirit..
he did not go to heaven //straight away-
it was 40 days later he arrived in heaven

John 20 17 where the go --??????????

1 Lazarus has been / death //for four days /and then-
resurrected to life ?
John -11 . 21--26 No comment about heaven

2 a little girl of 12 was resurrected from the death.
A possibility/death / for two day's
mark 5-41 - Luke 8 -- 51 No comment about heaven

3---- a young man // in his early 20 //death// approximately two day's
and return from the death. to life No comment about heave
Luke 7 -10

4 -/ Peter resurrected Tabitha from death
acts 9--39 No comment about heaven

Question All these people who had died...
And the church say we all go to heaven.

With a great experience of see their Creator or god

NO explanation
what do you think ????? ?????


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Jesus said to the thief on the cross next to him, "This day you will be with Me in Paradise". He talks about Heaven in many scriptures in the Bible.

Locusts, I assume you intended no irony posting this in myths and legends?
I don't know. But I do sometimes wonder if I'm in Hell already.
not while the goodly ungodly watch over you sandy x, about that eight mil you were offering around the other day..;)
If heaven exists (which I doubt very much), I don't really want to go there. I'd much rather be with all my mates in the the other place.
What has happened to good old English Grammar ??

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Is There Life After Death

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