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horseshoes | 12:44 Sat 27th Mar 2010 | Genealogy
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Where would I apply to get a copy of my grandfather's WW1 Army record. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks Boxtops.
Some basic records are available on Ancestry ... do you have access? Happy to look for you if you can give name, date of birth, location etc
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Thanks echokilo that would be very kind of you, but I'm afraid I don't know his date of birth. His name was Reginald Mobberley.Living at Hay Green when born. His name cannot be found on the 1901 census but on the 1911 census, he is living with his family at 9, Bagley Road Stourbridge. He joined the British Army on April 24th 1915 [Number 22236]. He was gassed at Passchendaele 1917. He was mentioned in Dispatches for bravery. He lost part of his foot to trench foot. He was discharged from the Army on October 18th 1918 and awarded the Victory medal and the British medal.[Cause of discharge - AO 291/18 2a and action taken - List L/a/793]
I've looked at the index to British Army WW1 Army records on ancesyty and he is not coming up when I search for him as Reginald Mobberley.
On the 1901 census I have found a Reginald Mobberley living in Swindon aged 1 withe his parents Arthur and Sarah and his older sister and brother Eva and alfred, could that be him? he's only have been 15/16 when he enlisted mind.
Did he died in bangor in 1951? That may not be himk though as he is given as 55 in 1951 on the GRO death index.
or was he the som of Samuel and Jane Mobberely of Stourbridge? If so his father samuel died in march 1901 and so wouldn't have been on the census.
Mind you, it looks like that second Reginald, son off Samuel, spent a bit of time travellling to Canada\ and the US in the 1920s.
Reginald Mobberley was born Dec quarter 1895 Registration District Stourbridge, reference 6c 172. This is enough to get you Reginald's birth certificate.
I can't find him in 1901 either, but I note his father, Samuel, had died just prior to the Census, in which case I expect Reginald was staying with a relative. The 1901 Census was held on 31 March, but the entry in the death index is for the June quarter 1901 i.e. the event happened too late in March to be included in that quarter's returns. That reference btw: Stourbridge 6c 89 and Samuel was only 38.
If it is the one Rose and I have found his entire family tree is on ancestry, as for his army record, you do seem to have quite alot already, there would not have been a great deal more surviving in central archives but at his regimental museum there may be something
The one in the tree married margaret Emily Jones who had children David Gwyneth and samuel
Dot, as always, is far ahead of me! While she was on Ancestry, I checked the IGI. No baptism for Reginald, but baptisms for three of his sisters at St Mark, Stamber Hill, Worc. Batch No C010651. There were other Mobberley couples producing offspring in the relevant period who may well be relatives of Samuel and who may have taken care of the young Reginald on Census night.
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Thank you all very much for helping. I'm asking about the copy of his record because Reg's son once asked about it, and was given an address to apply for it and it was then about £20, but he never got around to it and can't remember the address. That's what I was on about. Anyway, seeing as you are all doing your best for me here's a link to a photo of Reg convalescing after losing part of his foot. While he was here, he met my grandmother! Notice he and the chap next to him are sharing a pair of slippers!

Brilliant picture!
there used to be an address in hayes Middlesex that was where you could write for records but i think with the age of technology that's old hat, try here and see where it leads:
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Thanks Dot. I know he tried to enlist for WW2 but was obviously refused. He then ran the local British Restaurant.
So he did go to Niagara then?
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He was in Canada for just about one week I believe!
So sorry I didn't help after offering, but have lost track of time in the last few days - but seems you have all the help you could wish for from Dot and Rose Good luck in the rest of your search
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That's ok Echokilo. Thank you - you're a lot of stars on here!

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