Any relatives for Mr Pickles?

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lizzydrippin | 20:02 Wed 11th Nov 2009 | Genealogy
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I befriended an elderly neighbour about 8 yrs ago who unfortunately had no family whatsoever, his wife died a few years before I met him and apart from his beloved dog and 2 cats he was a very lonely old man. When he died in 2008 it was left to me to arrange his funeral and sort out his possessions. He really didn't have very much, he lived in council property and had been on a state pension for many years before he died. He never had any children and his wife's family (she had grown up children from her first marriage) didn't keep in contact with him after their mother died. Also, he didn't have any brothers or sisters of his own. Now the issue is that when I cleared his house out there were a number of very old photographs of himself as a baby and as a young boy and young man and also quite a few photos of people that were obviously part of the Pickles family. Im pretty sure that all these people will be dead by now, they must be either aunts or uncles or other members of the Pickles family. I really don't know what to do with them and wonder whether there is any more recent generations of his family that may be interested in having these photos. All I know is that Jack Pickles was born and bred in Bradford, West Yorkshire and that his parents Harold and Hannah were also from Bradford. How would I go about trying to trace any descendents of the Pickles Family? Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Jack was born on 24th November 1924.


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I expect a site such as genes reunited would help.

BTY Love your user name; my mum used to refer to me as Lizzydrippin!
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Cheers madmaggot. My Mum used to call me Lizzydrippin too, thats where I got it from, must have been a common term of endearment years ago eh,
It is a very common name in that area, i suggest that you contact the local family histiry society and ask them to find a home for them , they will no doubt have members tracing that name. Wilfred Pickles being of course the most famous Pickles!

Family History Societies are registered charities and part of their purpose is to collect familt records.
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Thanks alot for that Dot, it would be so nice to pass these photos on to someone who just might cherish them, I recognise that some of them are Jack Pickles's Mum and Dad because he spoke about them alot and told many happy stories of weekends spent in Morecambe at a caravan they had bought there, and many of the photos are taken outside this caravan. But there are even older photos which could well be other members of his family (maybe aunts and uncles of Jacks, even grandparents maybe). I'll definitely give the Bradford Family Society a bash (in a manner of speaking of course). Cheers again.
How do you know Jack's birth date?
The only Jack I can find born in that quarter in 1924 had a mother's maiden name of Lever. A Harold S Pickles married a Gertrude E Lever in Bradford in 1919 but this does not tie in with the name Hannah,
craft he was probably registered as John
Hi, hope this gets to you, know this was posted a while ago. Did this man live in 76 heights lane Bradford? If so he would be my dads uncle through marriage. Would be interested in the photos.

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Any relatives for Mr Pickles?

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