How can I find out the Regiment my relative was in during the 1914-18 War, please?

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eviespost | 16:29 Sun 28th Jun 2009 | Genealogy
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I have tried the National Archives to try to find out which Regiment in the Army one of my relatives was in during the 1914-18 War but keep getting sent round in circles, so I am wondering if there is an easier route, please?
Thanks in advance for any replies.


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his regiment and number would have been on any civil registration document that he helped generate during his servcie, a marriage registration, the registration of any child.
If he was a survivor then he would have been discharged to the reserves possibly, this meant he would have been in the reserves right up until the late 1920s and may have had an army pension, which then generated a raft of army pension records which are at Kew.
If he died in the Great War then he is in the index at Kew and that should be quite esy to check, and so i am guessing he survived.
If you have possession of his medals, (he would have had at least 3 servcie medals which all personal were awarded) his number will be engraved around the rim of medal.
there are several good guides to the WW1 aremy records
the Location of Britsh Army Records by Norman Holding
mt Ancestor was in the British Army by Michaek J Watts & Christopher J Watts.
sorry, that was 'My Ancestor was In the British Army'.
look up war graves commision type in name and they will give names of persons with that name and their parents if you know what city he came from.
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Thanks very much, dot.haukes and marrab, for your information. My relative survived the war, though wounded, and we do not have any papers (his medals were lost or sold by another relative!) so apart from his name we have little to go on. I had hoped to be able to get the info free through the Internet, as going to Kew is a bit of a trek from the North of England! I registered with Your Archives, (National) but as I said, I could get no further.
Thanks for your help.
you can visit your local reference library, go on their public computers and use the library edition of for free : dbid=1114&ti=5538&r=5538&o_xid=30351&o_lid=303 51&offerid=0%3a21318%3a0
ancestry have bought the index to the national Archives records of soldiers who were discharged to pension and also the records of those who died or survivived. You should be able to find who you want on there.
If you want to become a subscriber to ancestry use their 14 day free trial initially.
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Brilliant, dot.haukes, thank you so much for taking the time to give me more valuable info.
I shall certainly pursue this, and thanks again.
Best wishes, evie
What was your relatives name? Where did he live? Do you have a DoB? If so, post the details and I will have a look for you.
This is a useful forum for the 1914-1918 war, they have lots of people who can help trace information about soldiers/regiments etc. .php?

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How can I find out the Regiment my relative was in during the 1914-18 War, please?

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