Tidying up grave

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tickledtrout | 15:07 Sat 08th Nov 2008 | Genealogy
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Don't know if this is the right section but we have located a family grave and would like to tidy if up a bit. What could we use to clean the stone itself. Thanks for any help


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I have found a site that might be of interest to you.
:-) f/cleaning.htm
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Thanks daniela forgot about google x
remember that you are not allowed to remove lychen as it is a protected species.
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Hi dot, had to google that then completly forgot what lichen is. All we want to do really is brighten the stone a bit.
It doesn't look too bad for something that is 50 plus years old and has had nobody going to it regular for the last 22 years.
We will go often now to tend it . Is MrTTs Grandparents and uncle's grave so there was quite alot of emotion at the weekend

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Tidying up grave

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