Finding birth details pre 1837

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tickledtrout | 17:07 Fri 08th Aug 2008 | Genealogy
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I am currently doing my family tree, and we need birth records for 1829.
How can I find this info when the BMD indexes only go as far back as 1837? The birth Is registerered in Ormskirk, Lancs (I think)


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Would old parish records have the info?
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Hi Rosetta, have tried accessing theses through but the links they are showing go back to the 1600s.
Thanks for the advice
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Prior to 1837 there was no civil registration of births, marriages and deaths.

As Zacmaster has pointed out, you can get some details off the IGI although a direct link to there is - go to advanced search and then IGI. The IGI is not full coverage of parishes though so your best bet will be to contact Lancs archive services (the County Record office) and find out where the Ormskirk parish registers are and where the Ormskirk Bishop's Transcripts are. (The BT's were ostensibly copied returns of the baptisms, marriages and burials from the PRs). I have also found that the IGI contains a large number of transcription errors so always check the original if poss.

Seeing as you have, you could try a search on "other trees" in there to see if someone else has picked up your line as well.

Remember the PRs will often only give a baptism/burial date rather than a birth/death date. Although generally, burial took place within a couple of days of death. Baptism would normally occur within days, if not weeks of birth - although with older children you will often find it noted on the register.
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Thanks very much zacmaster and barmaid. Have tried the link and there are a couple of possible matches.
Will also contact the record office as well. Have got very good info from Bolton Museum for closer ancestors so hopefully we will be able to go further back still
Hello TT - have nothing more to add that the advice already given but just wanted to say Hi and that I am glad you are back to early 1800s with your research - I had limited success getting back beyond around 1770, so wish you well with the hunt.

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Hi echokilo, have only got so far with Mr TTs Great Great Grandfather and at the moment we have no idea how right we are with this link. Have only picked the latest names from a census.
My family are proving much more difficult. They were based in Dorset and London on my Mums side and Yorkshire, Wales and either Portugal or Spain on my Dad's.
Hubby's is easier because they are all from the same county, mostly from the same town for the last 100 years or so
It is tricky at times - are you using as this might put you in touch with others looking for the same ancestors .... has helped me loads.
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Yes, we have an account with them as well. Also been using as well. This site has been one of the best for all the Lancs and Yorks info, have you ever tried it?
I have used it from time to time, but found that it directed me to ancestry a lot fo the time which I was using anyway (mostly at tht time for WW1 records) Once you r tree gets bigger on genes I am sure you willcome across some matches and "meet" some people who can help you.
Parish records are available on cd from
Hi TT, hope you are well, I grew up in Ormskirk, the Parish Church of St Peter and St paul was in existance when Henry V111 overhauled the parish record system and the keeping of detailed records by the inmcumbant or his parish clerk was done to a standard register system. Elizabeth 1 then established the BT system in the late 1590's, this meant that the Bishop visited each parish quarterly and a copy of the registers for the previous season/quarter was made and taken to the Diocesan archive. It is more likely that the BT's survived due to the better conditions for storage over the centuries. BT's have mainly been filmed by the dicesan office over the years and then deposited with the CRO more recently, St Peter and St paUL'S btS should be in Bow Lane and I know I have searched them there, the IGI mainly covers baptisms and marriages up to around the introduction of civil registration but you may not pick up early 19th C entries from the IGI.

I was confirmed at Ormskirk Parish Church, it is very interesting and you should pay a visit, the graves in the church itsself are amazing and the whole building is unusual, look for the raven on the wall outside, we had a day there from our school when I was about 8 and we found it then, I went to the Parish school too.

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Hi Dot,
I am well thanks, don't see you around much anymore are you ok?
Thanks for the advice, forgot all about Bow Lane, will pay a visit next time we are in town. Really enjoying doing the family tree, its addictive though
I have gone back to 1645 whilst doing my family tree which is very complex and involved research in several countries.

Not easy...but where there's a will,there's a way.

Never give up !!!

I have hit many brick-walls ...but oh,the buzz when one finds another bit of info.!!!!

Here's wishing all of you involved in researching ,the best of luck.

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Finding birth details pre 1837

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