katharine easton

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helpmetoo | 11:31 Tue 01st Jul 2008 | Genealogy
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one of triplets born 1964 to sybil (nee pond) and terence,

my late mother was godmother (kathleen carter),

lived upminster then later northampton,

looking to contact regarding will bequest,


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Have you tried friendsreunited? There's only one Katharine Easton, and it doesn't look like the person you're looking for. There are two Katherine Eastons, again, probably not who you are looking for, but there are quite a few Catherine Eastons SearchResults.aspx?searchType=member&Forename= catherine&Surname=easton&quicksearchbutton=Sea rch&search_forenameKey=-1&searchKey=-1&hiddenI nputToUpdateATBuffer_CommonToolkitScripts=0

There are also a few Kathryn Eastons SearchResults.aspx?searchType=member&Forename= kathryn+&Surname=easton&quicksearchbutton=Sear ch&search_forenameKey=-1&searchKey=-1&hiddenIn putToUpdateATBuffer_CommonToolkitScripts=0

And I haven't even tried Kathy or Cathy!
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thanks, but i had been down that road without success,

she may have married and so changed surname,

triplets were pretty rare then before ivf etc,so i was hoping for some recognition on ab,

her siblings were john (deceased) and helen,
I think that you're going to get more luck on friendsreunited or genesreunited than on theanswerbank, I think the chances of anyone on here actually knowing this person is extremely remote! Have you checked for Helen Easton on friendsreunited? There's a few on there. Also check out genesreunited - it's amazing who's on there.
Have you thought of contacting the local paper, the Romford Recorder? This covers Upminster and Hornchurch.

Or you could write a letter for publication, asking for help in tracing the triplets.

If you make it interesting enough, they might even do an article?

It worked for SEAL, the singer, when his wife was trying to trace his adoptive parents!

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katharine easton

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