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Nik315 | 22:52 Tue 20th May 2008 | Genealogy
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Hi all.
I have been researching my family tree for about a year now but I am having trouble finding any information about my grandmother.
Her name was Marjorie Lillian Green and she was married to Herbert White. She was born in 1910, I think in Lambeth. I have had no luck finding any information about her parents. Can anyone help?


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From her birth registration at lambeth in the second quarter of 1910, all you get is the reference number in the index, 1d 394. If you knew any of her younger siblings, just a year latyer in the birth indexes the mothers maiden name starts to be included, which would then give you a marriage to look for for her parents, from her marriage certificate you would get her fathers name , which would also help.

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Thanks Dot but I am fairly sure that my Grandmother was an only child which is really un-helpful, aside from waiting for the 1911 census to become available or paying for a birth certificate I guess I am pretty much stuck. Many thanks anyway.
The birth certificate will only cost �7 and you can apply direct to lambeth register office: ving/Births/BirthCertificatesHistoricalSearche s.htm

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Thanks Dot
Oh the reference from the GRO national index will not match the one at lambeth, but if you give them the name and quarter they will find it in seconds
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Just filled in the online form, hopefully I can make some progress.
Many thanks Dot
there is a possibility her father was Cecil Charles Green, but it's just a guess.
I have used to trace lots of people who are researching the same family lines as me. Go to the site and register on there, and at the top is a facility to search all the trees listed on the website for names you are interested in. I have searched for Marjorie Green born 1910 in Lambeth and someone called Nicholas is also reseaching this person. You can then send him a message to ask questions which will tell you whether this lady is your grandmother or not, ie her husband and childrens names etc. It may draw a balnk but it may not ...... give it a go ..... it's free to register and you might you find some more new living relatives too .... I have !!
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Thanks for your answer echokilo but the Nicholas on Genesreunited is me ( Nik315 ). Fortunately in the last week my mum returned from a visit to her sister in law's in Spain and has come back with a fistful of information for me about Marjorie. Once again, many thanks
Oh how funny!!!! Never even gave it a thought that it might be you!!!! Good luck with the research!!!

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