Is This Possible?

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Togo | 14:05 Sat 02nd Sep 2017 | Genealogy
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It would certainly confound the theories that we are led to believe, about our evolution, and place in the history of the World. Very interesting.


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Seems too early to jump for a definite conclusion: I might wonder, as I am sure most experts would, why there are no signs of fossils in that period of such an age beyond just the tracks. That's at least one easy answer to that, of course -- we haven't found them yet -- but with only footprints to go on I'd be hesitant to rip up the Human Evolution Books just yet.

But you are right: it's very interesting, if true.
Love the disclaimer - presumably the site owners want to take care not to alienate their religious readers....
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Strangely enough there is another recent fossil find that may even be connected to the "footprint" find. One to keep your eye on so to speak. I don't suppose that it will be long before the conspiracy theorist cranks start making up weird tales. But the Scientists named in the two links appear to be bona fide.
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I think the piece points out Jim, that they are indeed now actively looking for further fossil evidence, but that is a big ask if the region was very dry during that period. I know that the footprint was probably laid down in wet conditions but I suppose a very powdery sheltered spot could have produced it with the right conditions.
To be sure, the absence of fossils doesn't mean anything in itself. We're only been hunting them actively for maybe two hundred years or so -- perhaps a little longer but not much longer -- so it could just be that nobody's thought to look. Or, as you point out, the conditions weren't right to allow for many (if any) fossils to be formed in the first place.

I don't have any particular reason to doubt this discovery, or to be attached to the "Out of Africa" theory, other than that being the one I learned. So, yeah -- interesting, not yet convincing, but certainly well worth reading and thanks for bringing it to my attention!
It does not prove anything about evolution, human fossils and footprints of the same age have already been found. All it proves is that humans had spread well beyond Africa earlier than had previously been assumed. The link states that there was a time when the Mediterranean dried up and it was possible to walk from North Africa to southern Europe. The assumption is that humans took advantage of the drying sea to migrate from North Africa to Southern Europe.
( just like they are doing now but without needing boats )
It will do nothing to stop the fundamentalist Christians saying God created the Earth just 5,000 years ago.
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My gut reaction says no, it isn't possible.

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