Holyhead, Anglesey

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queries | 15:28 Mon 07th Jan 2013 | Genealogy
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I am trying to find information on The Lord Edward - an inn or pub - in Holyhead in the early 1800s but can't find any trace of it. Can anyone suggest where I could find out more information?


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What information do you want. The Lord Edwards Inn was in Swift Square, Holyhead.
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Any details or photos of it - my great great grandmother lived there - presumably her parents ran it. We have a wine glass that was engraved with her name and the date 1845 - and she married in liverpool in 1846 so presumably it was a leaving gift. I am presuming it has been demolished or renamed
If you look on Google maps for Swift Square it looks like the majority of it has been demolished and a car park built.
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Many thanks - my relative was an Anne Jones - so many people called Jones! Would have loved to see a photo but presumably nothing on record. Very frustrating!
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Better than a bingo hall I suppose! Appreciate your help
Here is an article by Lucy Williams (mentioned in craft's link) from 1947 which describes the demolition of the remaining buildings of Swift Square.

It mentions that the historic 15th Century inn had been divided into tenements around 1797 and adjacent land given over to cottages. An earlier of her articles reiterates that descendants of Major Thomas Swift kept "Swift Court" as an inn until the late 18th Century. It also states that the buildings had been struck by a German bomb during WW2.

A transcription of the 1851 census [no reference to a publican/innkeeper in Swift(s) Square].
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You can look up the records of licensed victuallers in the quarter sessions records held in the county record office, in this case probably at Bangor

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Holyhead, Anglesey

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