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queries | 08:27 Thu 11th Oct 2012 | Genealogy
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Is there a reason why a death certificate for someone would not be available - online or otherwise?


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your question doesn't really make any sense. death certificates have to be paid for and signed by a registrar, every death registered since 1837 could not possibly be available online.
you can look in the gro index for deaths to identify the correct entry and then order the certificate online to be delivered to your home address.

if you do not have access to the gro index i could look for you.

or the other possibility is that you are saying you cannot find the death in the gro index, in which case you need to give more info to enable other options.
Perhaps the person didn't die in the UK but died abroad.
I still havnt found the death of someone between 1861 and 1871. Nothing recorded but his wife claimed she was a widow when she re married. I suppose she could be lying, but why doesnt he appear on any other census ? He was a mariner so could have died at sea but would have thought it would still be recorded somewhere.
The details could be there but the name has been mis-spelled. This happened in the case of my mother when she remarried in 1982. Her new husband was a Blick but the name appears as Buick. The vicar's handwriting on the marriage certificate is poor. Future generations looking for details will not be able to find the entry.

I did report it but nothing could be done.

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Death Certificates

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