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echokilo | 21:13 Sun 25th Mar 2012 | Genealogy
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I am looking for Oliver R Hindmarsh born Dudley 1907 - can you see him on the 1911 census? Who is he with and where etc please?


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hi. not spotted him as that name on the 1911 index on ancestry, certainly not in birmingham birn 1907, there's an Oliver Hindmarch born @1902 on the 1911 living in yorkshire though born worcester

1911 England Census 1911 England Census
Name: Oliver Hindmarsh
Age in 1911: 9
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1902
Relation to Head: Son
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Netherton, Worcester, England
Civil parish: Royston
County/Island: Yorkshire-West Riding
Country: England
Street Address: Whincover Royston Barnsly Yorks
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: School
Registration district: Barnsley
Registration District Number: 507
Sub-registration district: Darton
ED, institution, or vessel: 05
Piece: 27549
Household Members: Name Age
James Hindmarsh 33
Hannah Hindmarsh 35
Oliver Hindmarsh 9
James Hindmarsh 5
Cornelius Hindmarsh 3
Gladys Hindmarsh 1
Wellie Hindmarsh Under 1/12

Source Citation: Class: RG14; Piece: 27549; ; .

I'll just look at the original to see if there is a transcription error on the age
Netherton and Dudley are right next door to each other:)
Question Author
That will be him Dotty - as he was born in Dudley which was Worcs then. Thank you x
FGS, what is it with the ancestry transcribers, why would they transcribe 'Nellie' as 'Wellie' ? When was wellie ever a girls name ? Or a boy's name for that matter.
As I do some transcribing from parish registers, I can tell you Dot that there was some fairly flamboyant writing around then! I can't imagine Nellie becoming Wellie, though the N is often written with a flourish.

The other problem is that a lot of the transcriptions are done in the US and there is the lack of local knowledge where place names are concerned., hence some glaring errors can occur.
his birth is registered in Q1 1907 and his death in 1977 says he was 70, but something isn't adding up is it? If wonder if the 1911 age is wrong? I'll look for a birth for the one here in 1902.
I agree zebo, but mis- transcribing nellie as wellie for a girl's first name is ridiculous, I gave up sending ancestry corrections a while ago as it was so time consuming. several years ago you could get credits on FMP for sending corrections but they may have stopped that now.

The only hidmarsh i've found in dudley around 1902ish is a John Henry Q4 1901.
1911 at 41 Cox's Lane Old Hill Staffordshire

HINDMARSH, Oliver Head Married M 26 1885 Furnaceman Blast Furnace Netherton Worc
HINDMARSH, Florrie Wife Married 6 years F 27 1884 Dudley Worc
HINDMARSH, Oliver Son Single M 4 1907 Tipton Staffs
HINDMARSH, Norman Son Single M 3 1908 Tipton Staffs
which do you think is the one you need echo? Neither use a middle initial on the 1911, do you know he was born in Dudley through being told that in the family? It looks like this James and Oliver were brothers maybe?
It's funny that dotty 'cos I have your Oliver living with his uncle in 1911.....

YOUNG, Noah Head Married 11 years M 30 1881 Publican Licensed Victualler Woodside Dudley
YOUNG, Ann Wife Married F 31 1880 Quarry Bank Worc
YOUNG, Voilet Daughter Single F 9 1902 Holly Hall Dudley
YOUNG, Ivy Daughter F 7 1904 Woodside Dudley
HINDMARSH, Oliver Nephew M 9 1902 Netherton Dudley Worc
Oh no that's another different one ^
mmm, still no middle 'R' though, better check the birth registrations too as that could be a double count maybe? Possibly young Oliver was visiting rom Barnskley for Easter?
Yes I think the nephew and the one in Barnsley are the one and the same.........parents were naughty for including him at home.
I think for the 1911 return it would be quite understandable for a parent to add a child who was temporarily away from home particularly as one of the questions related to all children living or dead from the head of household. so, which is it that EK is after? either the 1902 or the 1907 will get back to a shared paternal ancestor anyway I guess.
Well I suppose I'll go with the one with the father called Oliver, purely because of the date of birth.
yes that's a sound idea, EK may have been told of a Dudley connection but in the wrong generation, and Tipton is only a few miles away, even though historically it was a different county!
And the mother was from Dudley.
actually I've just checked my Gibson guide to civil registration districts and Dudley RD was staffordshire, Tipton was part of the West Bromwich RD which was also staffordshire. So the Oliver born 1907 by rights should be registered in the West Brom RD.
Question Author
Thanks to you both - seems I started quite a bit of a debate!! I think it's the 1907 brn one I need - at Old Hill in 1911 (if he actually WAS there on the night of the census!!) Thanks so much for your help - is there anywhere I can view the 1911 in full free of charge yet? I need to ask for another look up but will start another thread (in case the Ed gets cross with me!!) xx
Don't know echo.................I assume dotty got hers from ancestry, and I got mine from findmypast, but I'm sure we'll allow you another one :-)

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