info on Eden Thomas Crawford please

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pusskin | 15:38 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | Genealogy
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Eden Thomas Crawford.

Born 1851 --died 1900---age 50. Lived in James Street London.

Married to Emily. Son name Thomas.

Was a lighterman.

It all seems mapped out after getting help throughout the last year!
But I'm stuck on the p.c. and cant get anywhere.
Is there any more info at all that you can give me please. (hubbies family)
Many thanks for your help x


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p.s. Eden died in Romford , but would love to know how he died.

Drowning maybe?
pusskin,there is someone on Ancestry researching his tree.Send for his death certificate,that will tell you how or what he died from.
Question Author
thank you so much polly for the information. Oh, some one else searching for him too!!! sounds encouraging.
Will see about sending for his death cert now.

Cheers polly x
http://[email protected]/6851240925/
Had some time to spare and love doing research so here's a starter for you pusskin.
Link didn't work for me Polly.......took me to a Yahoo log-in screen.
Question Author
I'm no good at this sort of stuff so normally get help from the local library.
I did look at and put in a password, but cant for the life of me remember what it was now. (see what I mean)
Thanks so much for your help and wish me lots of luck x lol
http://[email protected]/6851240925
I never was any good at this,hope it works this time.
Question Author
Thank you so much polly + Craft. Your very helpfull x
You're welcome,and thanks for that craft.

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info on Eden Thomas Crawford please

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