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dannyday5821 | 13:55 Mon 20th Aug 2007 | Video Games
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i got a ps3, and a hdtv, perfect combo...or so i thought! i got the standard sony offical hdmi cable with my ps3,. so i could view hd grahpics on my ps3. Thing is, it doesnt actually look like HD at all. I had an XBOX360, and the HD graphics looked sooooo much better!
-dead rising is a perfect example, smooth graphics, sharp, detailed, crystal clear.
-some of the trailers like brothers in arms and bioshock were just unbelievable, deffinatley HD.
- for the xbox360, i used a bunch of cables, the red, white, green, yellow etc ones. they all worked fine with my HDTV, and the picture quality was ultra HD awsome! So, what i wanna know is...does the graphics from my PS3 look crap in comaprison to the 360 because the games arent actually that good...
-the darkness has nothing but jaged edges everywhere, which ruins the game completley, and starts slowing down in places.
-rainbox six is appauling in comparion to the 360 graphically
-oblivion is good but still doesnt appear to be "truely" HD. again in comparison with the 360
-resistance just makes me want to cry!
-even the trailers, and demos just dont cut it in terms of HD when i compare to the 360...
is it because games for the ps3 are graphically crap at the moment - i know theres alot of games in production for the ps3 now, and as with all consoles, as time goes by, developers get better at making the graphics this the case with the ps3?
or should i try something different instead of my HDMI connection? - ive seen some things like this on "Premium HDMI Cable XT 1080p V1.3 (Joytech) (PS3)" that kinda cable actually make a difference? or should use these cables like i did for HD graphics on the 360? "Joytech Fusion Cable Pack (PS3)"
Id really really love someone to help me out! I know theres the whole debate about the ps3 and 360, even im starting to wonder if the 360 really is better than the ps3...


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Does your TV report what res it's running in?

When I switch to HDMI on mine it'll say 720p or 1080i in the corner.

The cables you're using for the 360 are componant cables and can't do 1080p. You'll only get 1080p out of your PS3 over HDMI.
I would say trying to upgrade your hdmi cable might help.
I did the same on my 360 and the res got ten times better. :)
I didnt know you cant get 1080p from component..thats a bit rash.
A bit wierd since xbox core can out put in 1080p and doesnt have a hdmi option..?
Aye, componant only goes up to 1080i.
But you'll be hard pressed to notice the difference between 1080p and 1080i unless your TV is some kind of 50inch plus behemoth. Or so I hear.
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yeah, my TV says 1080i, doesnt go up to 1080p - whatever that is! lol :P - so if i upgrade my HDMI cable, what should i go for? gold plated or something? the offical one is gold plated anyways, so i dont know what difference that would make. although when i had a ps2, there was clear difference between the official leads, which werent gold plated, and the image was always jaged, when i got a gold plated connection, the image improved 10 fold! thing is, everyone i ask, or everywhere i go, they talk about things i simply dont understand. like when i bought my HDTV, the sales guys going on about the difference between black and white, and superwhite, i look at him like "wtf mate!?" lol :P
HDMI uses a digital signal so it's ones and zeroes that go down the cable. External noise is not really a problem with short cables.
A high quality cable only makes a difference if you're going over large distances.

My brother had trouble with his DVD player and his HDMI cable. Apparently he bought one that wasn't HDMI 1.3 compliant and when he got one that was it worked fine.

When you boot up your PS3 what res does your TV say it's running in?
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when i turn on the ps3, it says 1080i...
Well 1080i should be ok.
Maybe your standards are just too high.

Although from what I understand with the 360 being the dominant console games are written with it in mind. Any other versions are based on the 360 one so inevitably lose out in the process.
I was going to say waht Llamatron said. With HDMI being digital there is little/no difference in the signal quality in the components so a more expensive cable will have no effect.

I had a 360 and now have a PS3, the PS3 graphics look fine to me as good and in some cases better than the 360.

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hehe, yeah maybe my standards are too high. i see your point about the 360 games on ps3. as theyve converted the games over, the quality sometimes gets reduced, true. i dunno. i guess im just dissapointed and impatient. i trust the ps3, and i know the developers will churn out some quality games eventually, then ill see what HD is all about! thing is with most games ive got for ps3, i cant help thinking, my pc could run this easy, and the whole reason i got the ps3, was cuz i know my pc wouldnt be able to handle something like MGS4, GTA 4, RESI EVIL, or MECENARIES 2! thanks for the help anyways guys! much appreciated.
I've got both and you know, I think the ps3 has better graphics. But I didn't buy the official sony hdmi cable I got a different one. Anyway did you switch your ps3 to 1080i in the display settings? woops you updated ur question, anyway I do think the ps3 graphics are just a bit clearer in my opinion. Hope you sort your problem soon =)
hey there if your hd tv is less than 42" then theres no need for 1080p as you will notice no difference with the ps3 games, so im sure 1080i will be fine, just wait for some great games to see hd quality properly..that assassins creed looks amazing!

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