Bart vs the Space Mutants

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mistapoole | 13:50 Tue 10th Apr 2007 | Video Games
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Does anybody know how to get all 24 purple items on the first level of the aforementioned game? I have looked on the net for walkthrough guides, but all are based on the NES or Mega Drive version of the game, but the Game Gear version is different, as I don't know how to spray the plant pots or the alien poster at the beginning? Any tips or links would be gratefully received, as I am currently having sleepless nights.


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Hey there, not got a clue on your question, but if you ever need any tips on games, the first place you should visit is
Just have a search for any game you're having trouble with and click on either "Cheat Codes" or "FAQs" depending on what you're looking for. I've never needed any other site :)
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Yeah I tried that before, but the guide it offers is for the NES version, which is different. Thanks anyway.
I used to love this game! If you get the wrench from the shop use it on the fire hydrant to wash the awning paint away.

Oh gee, there was another let me think. There was something about Barney's Bowl-A-Rama. You can also call out Mo by using a coin on the nearby telephone, then use the whistle near the old folks home to call out grandpa.

Work on the Bowl-A-Rama area, I know there was something there. It's been so long.

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Bart vs the Space Mutants

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