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flipflop104 | 22:13 Fri 29th Dec 2006 | Video Games
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I got one for xmas and I wanted it cos of the Super Mario Brothers game that I had on the original Nintendo years ago - anyone know the cheapest place I can buy it - best I've found so far is �20??

What other games would you recommend to someone that only has ever played Super Mario? And why are you recommending them.
Plase bear in mind that I'm not into these fighting games where you can do loads of fancy moves and murder people.

Thanx folks


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I like Mario type games as well, there are 3 platform titles available.

Mario 64 DS, Yoshi's island DS & Princess peach.

All very good and worth getting.

I'd also try out Mario Kart DS as this game is really good with a number of retro cups featuring tracks from the snes, n64, gameboy advances & gamecube Mario karts.

Other good games are -

Sonic rush
monkey ball DS
You can also get mario 1, 2, 3 and super mario world (snes) on game boy advanced. These old games will work fine on the DS & will cost between �5.00 - 10.00 on ebay.

All classic's and to be honest super mario world in my opion is the best mario game (better than new super mario on the DS)

I've got all of these games as I liked them on the nes/snes.

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DS Lite - 2 Questions

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