Playstation 2 or 3?

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SalisburyMik | 17:52 Thu 26th Oct 2006 | Video Games
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I have 2 kids just getting into games. Should I buy a PS2 now or wait for a PS3? Benefits of PS2 seem to be plenty of offers available on consoles and games right now as PS3 approaches. Also PS2 game availability seems v good as it has been out a while - kids not that experienced in gaming so will they really notice the diff between the two? Also will controller from an v old PS1 work on PS2 if I buy?


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hi salisburymilk, i think u should get them a ps2. there are loads of fantastic offers for it. if u get a ps3 u will have 2 wait until march and it will be very expensive the games are 50 - 60 pounds! when ps2 games are 25 pounds and cheaper. also a ps1 control would work in a ps2. hope this helps!! let me no wat u get them
why are you only looking at sony consoles ?

i wouldve thought for 2 small(?) children that the ideal console would be nintendo.
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MattK - kids not that small (10&12) but late into gaming - why Nintendo?
Probably a PS2 because they just keep putting the release date for the PS3 back and back - you could end up waiting for years! PS2's are great fun, and there are loads of great games. Plus, on the PS3 you don't get vibration in the handset. I suppose you get the movement thing.
The controller won't work on the PS2, and neither will a memory card. The games will, however! (But you can't save them).
wot do u mean u will get movement?
btw I'm 11 and i got a ps2 last week and love having vibration on it!!!
You move the console around to make your character move - holding it to the left will make it move left, right right etc. I love the vibration on mine as well - can get a bit irritating over long periods of time - don't you think?
Nintendos Gamecube does cater for the younger end of the market. With Mario etc...more cartoony graphics etc. A good console on the whole

Only drawback is it doesnt play DVDs or CDs etc

The PS2 is a good sturdy console. Loads of good games..and Singstar, EyeToy, Buzz etc are great. Plays CDs and DVDs.

You should be able to pick up a console and a few games for just over �100 I reckon if you shop around
i think that your best getting a PS2 or Nintendo, the PS3 isn't out for quite a while and the games wont be backward compatable with the older consoles so you wont be able to play any PS2 games on it.

With your PS2 there are thousands of games available now and you can pick up some of the really good earlier games quite cheap now and really easily. You can even get the smaller compact version of it, plus you can play dvds and cds on it so its basically a good entertainment package in one.

As first gamers though your kids will find the game style and design of the gamecube an easier platform to pick up, this is also really cheap at the moment i think if you look around on ebay you can get the console, controllers and some games all together for about 50quid.

and yes ps1 controllers work with ps2 consoles

hope this helps
You should just get the xbox360 which is of equal quality to the ps3 and it already has games available NOW - that will also be on the ps3 anyway
If you get an older console like the PS2 or game cube you can pick games really cheap on eBay.

I do this for my son (who has a game cube)
Why don't you ask them? show them some videos/pictures see if they perceive a difference. What are their friends using? Will they notice a difference? my Nan could tell the difference between a low res, low detail picture and a high res one she has no experience of games. The PS2 would have "offers" as its very old and reaching the end of its life. Why would you even bring a old joy pad into the decision making process? especially as it would appear that you can afford a PS3. I think you need to speak to your children and let them decide. As long as they are happy....
Seems to be a bit of confusion about the controllers. A PS1 pad will get you by on some games but the majority require a PS2 controller and simply wont work without one. Get a PS2 pad.
I would go with the PS2, I have one myself and they are very rewarding. plus, Ps's are like a fortune and take up alot of space and won't have a very long life span until they campact the PS3.

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