Name of a 1980's arcade game

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Riff_Raff | 19:20 Wed 15th Sep 2010 | Gaming
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I cannot remember the name of this game, only that it had three screens. The first was a planet in which were alien eggs. You shot the eggs and the aliens came out and cirlcled the planet. The second stage involved travelling through a Z shaped maze and shooting horizontally. The third stage had a huge eye which bounced around the screen. The phrase "Shoot the Eye" stands out.
Can anyone tell me the name of this game?


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sorry, maybe not. Only recognize the alien egg bit from Phoenix - the rest doesnt ring true for that game.
maybe galaxian or galaga?
It's not galaxian or galaga. How about Vanguard?
Flippin heck, I thought I knew them all but this one eludes me.
My stab in the dark is 'Taz Mania', doubt it though.
I had a good look through and nothing I can see fits it exactly either.
What character did you play as? A spaceship? a spaceman?
If Daisho doesnt know the answer then the game never existed - you dreamt it!
Could it be Defender? or Scramble?
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It is not scramble, defender or phoenix. It looks like I am going to have to check through everyone of the games in the MAME database to try to find it. Thanks for your ideas anyway.
Alien Breed?
have you found it yet - i stumbled across this post - i used to play it but name eludes me to

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Name of a 1980's arcade game

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