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Christianne | 14:02 Wed 07th Apr 2010 | Gaming
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My sister is going to send this game to my son, but all three games have been played by her family. Is it possible to wipe out the three games on the game so that when my son starts to play, it's as if no one has played it before. I do hope this makes sense. I would be very grateful for any help here. Many thanks.


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The information is held on the DSI - When it go's into your sons's it will be like new.
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Thank you very much for that. Much appreciated. C.
No it won't. You can overwrite the current data by starting a new game, but you can't return it to 'out of the box' condition.
Then I have misunderstood the question - Game played data is held on the machine not on the game cartridge if you take the cartridge and put it in a machine that has never played it - the game looks unplayed.

I have two DSI's and the game data doesn't transfer.
The save data is definately stored on the catridge on a DS slim. We've borrowed the in-laws copy of pandora and it still has her saved games stored.

The DSi however is equiped with in built flash memory (256mb) so prehaps it can use it for game files.

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