red lights on x box

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6758 | 16:29 Tue 02nd Dec 2008 | Gaming
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my son has just shown me three red lights on his x box. He says that if there are four it means the console is broken. What can we do to stop this happening?


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thanks for your help.... Even though its not good news:-(

Not sure what did it. He got a pre-owned game last night. Maybe that was it. Need for speed or something like that i think...
Ours went twice as well vibrashpere,we got it fixed both times for free with Microsoft.When it went this time it was only two red lights(overheating) so we just bought a new console(Elite) because we were out of warranty this time.
if it is still in warranty you can get it replaced over the counter,depending on where you bought it,i know gamestation do this as they have replaced mine twice.Concerning your sons i cant see it being anything to do with the second hand game,360s are notorious for 3 red lights apparently its to do with overheating of the motherboard,a problem that they still dont seem to have fixed properly,i hope this helps and you manage to get a new console.
It's nothing to do with the game at all, this is a common misconception that people have. it's a problem with the motherboard usually due to over heating.

As others have said, if the box is less than a year old , then take it back to where you got it from. If it's more than a year old, then phone Microsoft on 0800 587 1102. Be prepared to wait a while and spell everything out - they're somewhere in the sub-continent. You'll need your console's serial number.

They'll sort it out and email yoou some packing labels and then a nice man/woman from City Link will come and collect it and about three weeks later you'll get it back all shiny and fixed.

One of the ways to prevent it happening is to make sure there is an adequate air flow all the way around the console when it's being used, if it sits under the TV then pull it out and sit it on the floor. That will suffice, you don't need to bother buying all those cooling devices that people will recommend - total waste of money IMO.

Hope that helps
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RROD ( red ring of death ) is " usually" caused by overheating

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red lights on x box

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