Is Online Bingo fixed?

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Velvetee | 20:54 Wed 17th Sep 2008 | Gaming
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Does anyone know if there is any real truth in online bingo sites fixing wins, by using dummy punters, so they don't have to payout so much to genuine players?

I've played a number of games on one of the major Bingo sites and noticed the same user names win over and over again.


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None of the reputable sites will fix games like that but some less well known ones will definitely do so in order to bump up their profits.

Larger sites make enough money by creaming off a percentage of ticket sales and will offer a genuine game rather than ruin their reputation.

I assume you see the same winners because they play games with not many players and buy lots of tickets.
I have never played bingo on line - but I used to play poker on a very well know reputable board.

I was always a bit doubtful about what I thought wre recurring hands. Then one night i got given a pair of jacks 3 time in less than twenty minutes on one occassion a player (who brat me) was also dealt a pair of jacks.

I also got dealt A-10 about four times and three eights twice in the same session but not in the same time span.

I don't play any more.
I used to play alot, but I got fed up of the same people winning. I have played lots of different sites for bingo and slots I have put alot of money through in my time but won a good amount of it back just down to pure luck, but I think luck is not always on your side esp on these sites.

I have heard alot about fake people being created even within the largest and most well known UK bingo companys. They will send staff in under different usernames to chat briefly win a huge sum and then never appear again. People would even chat about it being a con in the chat rooms in the bingo sites but they would get banned for saying such things.

I witnessed with my own eyes once someone joining the chat room just before a big game worth over �1,000 full house win guaranteed and they were basically selling tickets by saying 'wow look at the prize would love to win that, Im buying loads of tickets' and kept on and on saying wow and getting everyone excited, I didnt actually suspect anything at the time. The game had 100's if not 1000's people playing as it was a link game (so all the bingo game/rooms are linked to one big prize game) And sure enough that same person won the full house over �1,000 what a surprise, and she disappeared completely she didnt talk to anyone say thankyou, wow, nothing just disappeared, I never saw or heard of her again. But when I asked other people in the room about my suspisions and asked if someone knew the lady who had won and had they chatted to her before I got very cleverly written comments back from about two people they were extremely defensive and calmed they knew her to make me look stupid and take attention anyway from the con.

Very bad no-one else came forward to say they knew the user or individual? I stopped using that site.
i totally agree with you. i am so pleased you posted this comment these sites are just a con. if you try to question them you just get banned. should it not be against the law for them to do this?
i ask is it a con. what i don't like is when sites are joint. When you join one site you have joined others with it. So you are competing with other people on other sites too. I have had two windows open for two different sites. And game for game same amount of money being played for is on both sites and the same chat name appears on the two sites at the same time of the win . And it aint just the link games. It's disgusting they are allowed to do this. It means your chances of a win are remote. sites need to be individual, open and honest. when you question it cm gets defensive, and tells you to read the small print. They are all dishonest and i've played loads.
i totally agree with the comment made by folley. i have just raised a complaint with the gaming commision as i was playing a game on bucky bingo and bogof bingo this evening which were linked up. the same names were winning each prize on both sites, however the numbers being called were COMPLETELY different. i couldnt get my video camera out quick enough however! i then complained to both sites, and low and behold, within 10 minutes of me raising this issue, the games were still linked up but started calling same numbers out again.what a coincidene. online bingo is an absolute fix and yes you may win time to time, which i my self have been lucky enough to win on a few occasions. that doesnt mean that there is some games fixed! lets see what the gaming commision think to this!!
i,m not writring this as a poor loser but totally fed up watching the same winners winning every day, weekend and night, no matter what game it is u no who's going to win... i,ve been playing online gala bingo for about 3 years and i'm convinced more recently something is not quite right....... over the past month i have noted how a sequence of winning names starting with the intianals A, B, C, D, and E have taken about 90 per cent of all winning games including link and jps so with my username and thousands of others u have no chance of winning. if u doubt me try it for urself and like me complained by email to the managing director of gala about what i had observed in the pattern of winners.... hence no reply or expanation but now unable to get into my account or play not that i would anymore so who's got something to hide..... my advice to anyone is steer clear of this site and others and save ur money cos like me u will never beat the system but end up losing alot of money
Reading some of these comments is certainly backing up my own thoughts,just last week on a very well known site the link was set at £2000.00 there were approx 2,600 players a lot purchasing max tickets of 24 ,yet the same player wins 2 links in a row total £4000.00,every one was asking cm what room were they in,but absolutely no response from winner or proof they actually existed,it does make you wonder,I am actually glad to read all these comments ,hopefully I will give bingo a miss from now on
Tombola is a favourite site for repeat winners , being sponsored by emmerdale they think there players are all sheep . This ex player isnt having spent £500 a week in there ive seen it all . The same winners over and over week in week out , plus they allocate new players £25 free after there first top up of £10 . Who is paying for that? The players who have been in with the bricks playing day in day out thats who . I spent 10thousand in the years i was a member and won twice . 1 full house £147.00 and again £2.82 on a single line due to a share with 6 other players . Its random number generator . If its that random why do the same winners win over and over , customer service reply coz they sit there day/night playing . What? So did i week in week out and won nothing .
Cheeky Bingo banned me from the chat for me saying the Free play was fixed. Need I say anymore! I reakon there's loads of fake players in the free play because I played for hours and won nothing but some people were winning in the Free play time and time again.
I'm a stupid optimist playing bingo and slots on Gala Bingo............uuuuuhhhhmmmm. I've played off and on for about 2 years and spent a small fortunte, which I admit I can ill afford, stupid, idiotic me. I've won small sums now and again but only after depositing quite a bit of money. Here is my big story: I was playing the slots on Gala one day; winning some, losing more, as per usual. All of a sudden (as happened reguarly and I was forced to restart the game) the wheels went crazy and refused to stop - I swear that when I squinted my eyes I could see 5 x Jackpot symbols on a winning line and I promise you, this was not wishful thinking. When I restarted the game; guess what? The JACKPOT had been won and not by me :( either. I noticed in chat rooms that everyone was baffled and when I contacted customer services they could only give me the username of the winner but not the time that it was won - surprise, surprise. That said I have still believed in my optimism and played again and again. 2011 will NOT see me playing online games for cash and hopefully everybody else who is desparate for a lucky break will come to their senses too. THERE IS ONLY ONE WINNER, or big winners, and they are ALL and anybody associated with the BIG CLUBS. I kept records and facts of all the usernames who won big money reguarly, unfortunately - due to my own stupidity- all the records were lost when my PC harddrive was irretreviably lost. Now I don't even want to spend any more money trying to prove my point. SAD SAD SAD.
hi fizzle. do urself a favour and keep ur promise and keep away from the gala bingo,, ur right about the same winners winning all the time and always the big jackpots i kept a record of the sequence of winners and when i challanged gala's managing director i was no loger able to access the site.... so i complained to the gambling commission and they made a noise at gala but could not prove anything.... so i've been watching the game not playing on a friends pc and things havn't changed reading the chat and my friend playing the penny games, even when the same winners win u cant find them in any of the chat rooms and they never respond even when u provoke them just to try and get a response... so keep ur money in ur pocket gala and most of the other bingo sites are the winners, maybe one day someone will take these complaints seriously.
Hi Zepplinman, I've just sent off a complaint to a well known Bingo site who have a lot of frequent winners in the Free Play games although I haven't used their paid games yet. I think these frequent winners are either completely phantom (i.e. computers) or they are CM's and they win to avoid paying out what is Bonus money but people can use to buy real money game tickets. I'm monitoring it and I want to see what they're reply is (if any). I'll update on here. I'm glad to see someone has taken it all the way to the governing body. Good work.
No reply yet but a £2 win in a free game! Mmmmm, after I threaten them I get a win. Fixed I think.
i too play a wll known online bingo site and strangely enough i noticed big winners who won in alphabetical order all the big prizes constantly, but my biggest bug bear is when i won on the slots all of a sudden i got a sign saying internet connection is lost please try again, of course connection was fine but i lost win and game, when i contacted site was told to take a snapshot of game, how could i when game was gone, after about 5 times this happening i stopped playing
also if i say something on chat about fixed games sort of discreetly i get some answers back from other players sort of aggreeing that its fixed, i have had a warning but never been thrown out of chat. we are all sick of the same a b c d winners over and over again every day and on winners list there names appear in sequence everyday also very strange that eh
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I know its been a few months since someone last posted here, but i was playing willhill free bingo, about 700 players, anyone with 1 or 2tg on the full house would get a share of £15 and once the full house was won, everyones username appears (people roughly getting 1p-15p)
i ad about 3 seconds to scroll through the usernames and because it is in alphabetical order i was thinking hold on....the list stopped at L, meaning about 150 people that got a share of £15 had their username starting with A - L, nobody else after the letter L got a share, how weird is that??? wish i printed screen because that is just weird, you would at least expect 1 player whos name starts with M or S to win!!!
Also, sky bingo are a con, definately Sky creating accounts and banging £100 worth of bingo bucks into a fake account!
I have played lots of bingo sites and I agree it does seem to be the same winners over and over again. I decided to put a limit on my spending as it was very easy just to keep on depositing. I really enjoyed playing Costa bingo the peeps were great and it is very sociable, but then, I happened to check my deposits and it appeared that Costa had taken more from me than the actual limit that was set. I e-mailed them and asked how this could be but all I have received are e-mails saying they are looking into it. I would like to say that since I did query the deposit I haven't has one win on this site. Don't forget they are all computer generated so it is very easy for them to put a stop on peeps winning. Please if you do decide to play any of the sites be very careful to keep a check on what your spending with what they take from you. I really have my doubts now, has this happened before and I haven't noticed. Alias: Sanpedro
Im sure they are all fixed too. One of my bugbears is that if you are lucky enough to win and withdraw, you can bet your bottom dollar you wont win again until youve deposited that amount of more again. Without exception you'll always win for a while at first then it'll stop and you wont get a sniff!! Hopefully one day the gambling commission will step in....if they have the nerve !

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