Blu ray XBox 360's? / playing online

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Leight0n | 14:24 Thu 26th Jun 2008 | Gaming
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A few questions ere!

I've been pondering for a while which console to get (360 / PS3)
A friend told me to hold fire for a few months as Microsoft are bringing out a Blu Ray 360. Is this true?

What is the best console to play online with? Is it free with a PS3? Will the console just connect straight in to my phone socket? Am I billed like broadband? Will it affect my house phone when I go online?

Quite a few for you to sink your teeth into!



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Never gone online with either machine, so cant answer about that side of things.

With regards to the BluRay 360, it has been rumoured for a while now and, while it may very well happen, Microsoft havent confirmed anything.
If you hold off for a 360 with BluRay drive, you might be waiting a while - end of the year at the very earliest, i'd say.

If i were you, i'd try and get a decent one off eBay for cheap, then upgrade later on if you really want to.

You'll have to remember, though, that even though the PS3 has a BluRay drive, it is not as quick at loading games as the 360.
A big problem PS3 users are finiding is that, especially with newer games, you have to pretty much install most of the game on the HD, to cut down on load times - which can take up to 20 mins or more before you even play the game.
The BluRay drive does not work as fast as a DVD drive, which is why the bulk of a game is installed.
If you have the same game on a 360 and PS3, the 360 will load a lot quicker.

Plus, going from what a friend of mine says (who has both machines), the XBox 360 is a far better machine.

Do the eBay thing, i say.....
as far as I'm aware there are no plans to make a blu ray Xbox, there are rumors but MS has denied these. it's unlikely too as bluray is a sony technology and they would charge MS a fortune to use it.

In my opinion the Xbox is the better online machine, it's not free as you have to sign up for Xbox live, but it's not a huge ammount, I pay less than �5 a month but if you buy a year up front it's cheaper. mine gets charged monthly on my credit card.

they both use your existing broadband connection so you will not get billed any extra for that side of it, just your current broadband bill and it won't effect your phone at all

I've listed my good / bad points for each below:-


1. Quieter that the 360
2. Can play blue ray movies
3. Games run in 720p not 1080i
4. Online free, but no where near as good as 360
5. Control pads have built in rechargeable battery
6. No rumble or vibration on pad
7. Built in wireless broadband connection
8. Can't plat PS2 games

Xbox 360

1. Graphic are better on 360, nothing on the PS3 has really impressed me
2. Games run in 1080i
3. noisy disc drive
4. more exclusive games on 360
5. No blue ray.
6. online is really good, cost is fairly low at around �40 per year.
7. wireless adaptor required at 50 quid
8. downloadable HD movies in near future
9. Can play most popular Xbox games

Both can be linked into broadband via a internet cable, but I haven't tried to do this as I have a wireless router. It's down to personal preference, and what is more important.

If Blue ray ends up on the 360, there will be an add on disc drive, same as the current HDDVD one. Blue ray movies are ok but not worth getting a PS3 on this basis.

You need to base you choice on which exclusive games you want.
one more thing, using online could use up for download limit if you have one.

not sure if it does as I don't have a download limit on my service.

Good online as free and connect straight to ure broadband and wireless is a doddle.

Erm you can play PS2 games on it. Just not online.

I love mine dearly. Would marry it if i was that sad and i am an old fart.

Blue Ray is a bonus not a necessity at the moment as disc prices so much more that DVD. And you get one ready now with PS3
You can only play PS2 games on the older PS3 consoles. All newer ones can't, much to my frustration!!
andy g wanna swap??



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Blu ray XBox 360's? / playing online

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