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TheBroadway | 10:48 Tue 22nd Apr 2008 | Gaming
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Hi � I need help with this game, serious help. Basically I am in Memory Block for. To all intents and purposed this is a very linear game, as in speak to your mentor at the bureau, scale the bloody tower and get the investigations. Although on Memory Block 4 I am finding it hard to get the investigations logged on the GPS. For example, in Jerusalem, I have scaled every one. I was still there at 1am on a work night and almost put my foot through the 37" Samsung. What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug in the game? I have gone to all three districts now and haven't got any investigations logged on. PLEASE HELP, there's a drink in it for you. Whoever you are.


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It's been a while since I played the game now, so forgive me if my memory is hazy.

If I remember correctly, Block 4 is the one where you need to go to all the cities to complete the block, so is it possible that you need to visit Damascus or Accra??? to move on. Have you finished all the pickpocket, challenge and other missions in the bit of Jerusalem you're in? Come to think of it, are you in the right bit of Jerusalem as I think that block moves you into the poor quarter instead of the one you first start in.

If none of that helps you and you're playing on the 360, check out the relevant bit at Click on "Retail Games" on the the left hand side and find Assassin's Creed. There's an achievement guide and there may well be a walkthrough. If nothing else, the game specific forum may well give you some hints.

it doesn't sound like a bug, but if all else fails you could try starting again and see where you go from there, although that would be a PITA

Hope that helps tml

in memory block four you have to visit all 3 cities and perform one assassination in each if you have done Jerusalem you need to move on to either of the other cities. If your playing on the pc check the games forums to see if any bugs have been reported as you may need to patch to progress in the game.

also you have remembered to press the eagle view/eye (I forget which) button when on the high points because that would make you have no investigations appearing on your GPS.
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