PS3 Backwards Compatibility

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johntheplamf | 22:57 Tue 27th Feb 2007 | Gaming
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Apparently Sony have removed the hardware in the European PS3 which allows you to play PS2 games, only a limited amount will be able to be played, but for some reason, a high number of PS1 games, just goes to show Sony's indifference to the European gamer again, and that's after we pay �218 more than the Japanese and �155 more than the Americans. hp?id=158757


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Man that sucks!

Part of the reason for me wanting a PS3 would be that I can play my old games on it.

It's all just a way for Sony to get more money, why make the PS2 redundant when you can keep sales going by not plugging it to the PS3... gaaaah !
It's not about Sony trying to get more money but about them cutting their losses.
They'll be saving a bit of cash by doing in software what the US/Japan versions do in hardware.

But they have broke the cardinal rule of console gaming in that they'll have two different versions of the same console.

Looky here
what rule. how many consoles have only one version?
xbox 360 two versions at least
ps2 two different sizes / various different bios revisions
dreamcast 3 different versions
psx two obvious ones and various bios revisions

dont get it? why the issue anyway software can be updated and improved whats wrong with that?
who cares?

honestly?? why would you pay all that money to take it home and want to play crashbandicoot or fifa world cup 98 on it.
Mack, box shapes might change and chips may shrink but the specs that programmers have to write for are the same from when the first console rolls off the production line to the last one 5 years later.
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Exactly Llama, and anyway, when they alter things, it's usually to improve flagging sales(Newer models) or give players the choice in whether they want to pay more or less, depending on what their usage will be(360 harddrive), but they don't usually do it on release, and make the person who isn't getting the backward compatibility pay well over �100, than the person who is getting it.
thanks llamatron. i sort of see your point but who is going to be making ps2 games with running on a ps3 in mind?
if you had a ps3 why would you want to play ps2 games? if you were that bothered best to keep your ps2 and use that. be warned others might be playing new more exciting games.
if the software render saves them money this is not a bad thing it may keep their interest in the console market for another generation and help them survive this one
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Sony's main moth piece Phil Harrison reckons by the time of launch in Europe, The PS3 will be able to play 1000 PS2 games, and the number will increase when patches are downloaded, much like a lot of 360 games need patches to be able to play properly.
The main reason is that the European PS3 has had the PS2 running gear removed, and the games will instead be run on an emulator, but you won't be able to find out what PS2 games it will run until the release day of the console.
i think you should be looking to the future and not worrying if it can run a 7 year old game?
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It's not really that though Mack, it's the fact Sony are treating us like Sh!t, i mean we've waited a lot longer than the other two regions for the privilege of paying well over �100 more, and it does less.

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PS3 Backwards Compatibility

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