Sony price structure

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johntheplamf | 11:39 Sun 25th Feb 2007 | Gaming
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As i've said in another post, how can sony justify charging Europe so much for the PS3? The price on release here will be �425 for the console alone, but most places where you pre order the machine are only selling them in bundles, which puts the price up to around �550.
To put this in context, if you were to buy a Japanese PS3, the price would be �207, and an American one would set you back �270. So why the big price difference, is ours gold plated or something?


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Its rip-off britain.What do you expect ?!

the retailers are hardly going out of their way to encourage sales are they ? as you say it is expensive enough already so to further alienate potential buyers they push the price still further. i think they realise that at this time of year parents will not be buying them as presents so offer these silly bundles for the 'price is no object,must have at launch' fanboys.
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The most ridiculous bundle i've come across is HMV, who for some reason think anyone buying it wants a PSP and are charging around �650 for the honour.
Honestly chaps, get a 360. The ps3 will never be able to match xbox live.
Consumers litteraly fought for the ps2 when it came out.
Sony just assumes that they will be just as stupid this time.

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Sony price structure

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