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johntheplamf | 19:47 Tue 09th Jan 2007 | Gaming
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What are your favourite games from all the consoles and Computers you've ever owned? Mine are:

Commodore 64 - Elite
Sega Master System - Sonic The Hedhehog
Super Nintendo - Legend of Zelda, a link to the past
Sega Mega Drive - Stryder
PS1 - Final Fantasy 7
Sega Dreamcast - Space Channel 5
Nintendo Gamecube - Resident Evil 4
PS2 - GTA San Andreas

As you can see, this is all just about personal taste, so come on, give us your best :O)


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I also have a X Box 360 at the moment, and my favourite at the moment is Gears of War, but it's too early in the consoles life for me to pick an outright winner there.
Super Nintendo - Super Mario Kart, what a game in its day that was! Also Super Tennis.

Commodore 64 - tanx or tanks however you spell it.
Anyone know how i can get a game of the old tanx on my pc?

NES - the original Super Mario Bros.
Currently playing World of Warcraft and it's blowing me away- very addictive!

And hello plamfy :-)
Spectrum - Last Ninja 2
Megadrive - Streets Of Rage 2
Super Nintendo - Street Fighter 2
Playstation - Silent Hill
Dreamcast - Rez
PS2 - Grand Theft Auto 3
Xbox - Ninja Gaiden
Xbox 360 - Condemned (which is about to be replaced with Lost Planet judging by how much I've played the demo! Roll on Friday!)
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Hey BOO, Oh ******, i really liked the first X Com game on the PS1 and the first Metal Gear, but on a brighter side, i've had one more console than the resident computer buff tracy :O)
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Jeezo, how could i forget, i also had the N64, and with the might Mario 64, there was only one winner in my eyes :O)
Jet set Willy + Saboteur- Spectrum
Emylin Hughes Soccer + All "the games" editions - C64.
Midwinter2, Kick off, Fiendish Freddy + Wings- Amiga
Thief series, Eve online, The movies - PC
Zoo keeper - DS
Lumines - PSP
Perfect Dark - N64
Secret of mana - Snes
ZX81 - 3D Monster Maze
Vic 20 - Gorf
Spectrum - 3D Death Chase
C64 - Way of the Exploding Fist 2
Megadrive - never really got into my megadrive :-(
Sega Master System - Wonderboy
Sega Game Gear - Columns
Amiga - Magic Serpent
PS1 - Resident Evil
PS2 - Half Life
XBox - GTA: San Andreas
MAME Engine on PC: Bosconian
ps on Amiga have to add Robocod 2 and Hunter.
Commodore 64 - Treasure Island Dizzy
Amiga - Sensible Soccer
Xbox - GTA San Andreas
Xbox 360 - Gears Of War
Super Nintendo - Mario Kart
N64 - Golden Eye
Nes - Mario 3
Sega Mega Drive - Streets Of Rage
PS1 - Final Fantasy VII
Sega Dreamcast - WTF?
Gamecube - Resident Evil 4
PS2 - Metal Gear Solid
Nintendo DS - New Super Mario Bros

Commodore 64 - Bomber
Sega Master System - Sonic The Hedhehog
Super Nintendo - Super Monkey Bollox
Sega Mega Drive - Desert Strike
PS2 - Test Drive Unlimited (Which will be out on February 16th.) Just thinking about driving around 1000 miles of faithfully recreated hawaiian roads dampens my underwear.
As I used to be in the Army I'm a bit of a saddo for war games! The best I've played for action and realism is Operation Flashpoint on the PC.

Currently using a 360 and I'm torn between Tiger Woods 2007 and Call Of Duty 3, though I'm told that COD 2 is better.

I'm desperate for a really good flying game to be announced on 360(especially a helicopter one) and have got Blazing Angels but have to say it's a bit of a let down.

Atari 2600 - Pole Position
Master System - Alex Kid
NES - Duck Hunt
Gameboy - Tetris
Mega Drive - Sonic The Hedgehog
SNES - Super Mario World
PS1 - Gran Tourismo
N64 - Goldeneye
Dreamcast - Soul Calibre
PS2 - GTA San Andreas

Have recently bought another SNES and mostly playing Mario Kart at the moment
the first game I played was Elite on the Amiga - and then some really scary game where you could only hear your heartbeat and breathing, and limited vision through a helmet - an alien on a ship style thing that I had to turn off cos I was too scared.
Then :
NES Super Mario
SNES - SuperMario, Zelda
N64 - Zelda (Ocarina of Time) and Conker's Bad Fur Day (funniest game on the planet), Castlevania
GameBoy - MadMax
PS1 - Spyro
Gamecube - Zelda Wind Waker, Spyro
Acorn Electron - Stryker's Run
BBC B - Exile (was probably good on the Electron too)
Amiga - IK+
PC - Secret of Monkey Island 2
PS2 - Everquest Online Adventures - my first MMORPG
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Lol, Tekla, a little more info than was required there :O) It is a brilliant game, i've got it on the 360.
spectrum - treasure island dizzy, gaunlet
sega master system - sonic hedgehog, alex kid
gameboy - tetris, super mario land
pc - solitare, tomb raider, diskworld
ps2 - gta's, eyetoy, dancemat, singstar
xbox - halo
gamecube - luigis mansion
psp - gta's, lego starwars, monkey ball (boxing)
wiwi - "refuse to own one!"
ps3 - "got bored waiting"
I like to play online video games. My favorite online videos game is Grand Theft Auto V. I like to play this game more as compared to other games because if the graphics and challenges that with this game. I play this game on XBOX 360.

Whenever I stuck in this game I get help from Here I get GTA 5 modded, which will help me to level up in the games easily.

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