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johntheplamf | 21:17 Mon 08th Jan 2007 | Gaming
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With the advent of the PS3 almost upon us, is there really any point having any more than one console nowadays? I mean, when the PS2 and the original XBox were competing against each other, most of the games were exclusive to one or the other, but when the PS3 comes out, all bar the regular Halo, Final Fantasy and Metal Gears, are going to be available on both consoles.
So what i'm trying to say is, If i already have a X Box 360, is it worth my while spending over �400 for something that's only going to give me a limited amount of games more than i can already get?


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I understand what you are saying but there are many games exclusive to each console still although the numbers are lessening.PS3 has MGS,Motorstorm,Gran Tursimo whereas 360 has Gears of War,Halo & Forza 2 with many more titles also being exclusive.

The biggest loser of exclusive titles in recent times is the ps3 with many of its exclusives now being available on the 360 eg Assassins Creed,Virtua Fighter,GTA.It appears to me that many developers were told that only the ps3 will run their games but after testing on the 360 they have found that simply isnt true.

I would agree that owning 2 consoles is now not really an option to most apart from people with cash to spare ! There are also strong rumours that a 360 price reduction is on the horizon too.
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Thanks Matt, i mean i do own a 360, and having been a bit of a Sony fan boy since the PS1, i of course was suckered in by all the X box is rubbish stuff, but i can truley say, that the 360 is absolutely brilliant, and don't get me wrong, i probably will by the PS3, but it just doesn't seem to be the be all and end all it seemed to be in the Sony press.
It depends what you are really into though. For example, if you are a really big fan of Japanese RPGs then your choice is going to be very limited by only having a 360 which is only getting a few at the moment (unless there is a major turnaround in Japan!). The PS3 will have a much bigger selection of this genre (not that I care for them myself!)

Exclusives can be very annoying. Why can't developers, especially the bigger ones like Capcom or Konami just make all their games multi platform? Obviously the console makers are never going to publish games for a rival console, but I just wish they were the only exclusive games!
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I absolutely love the Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry and Metal Gear games, but if these are the only ones that are going to get me to part with over 400 quid, from a company which consistently puts the European consumer in last place, then i don't think i'll bother. I mean, at the moment, i'm playing Gears of War and Dead Rising, and like tracy, can't wait for Lost planet to come out, so i think i may well be able to deal with the loss, particularly when Halo 3 is coming :O)
If you think this is anti Sony, just ask tracy what i was like just a couple of months ago, before i bought a 360 :O)
Speaking of Halo 3,have you pre-ordered Crackdown ? Selected games come with the Halo 3 Multi-player invite.The game is out in Mid/Late Feb.
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No, i haven't even heard of it, i'll take a look into that right away :O)
if you look at the 10 best games of all time on ( using their advanced search), you will notice that some of them are exclusively on Nintendo consoles. And some are recent ( Twilight Princess is one of them )
This will continue to be the case as Nintendo keep developing new episodes of their exclusive titles.

So yes, there is still a point in having more than one console, but obviously you have to be more careful in your choice of a 2nd console, and find out which games and consoles would give you a good value.
Havent followed the link but who rates these games ?
many websites such as :
IGN , GameSpot , GameSpy ,Game Informer , Electronic Gaming Monthly , GamePro , Gaming Target,
Eurogamer, Worth Playing, Gaming Age , etc.
Then they make an average and sort the games according to the average rating.
I found it to be a fairly accurate measurement of the actual quality of the game...

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