ps3/xbox 360??

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koolkid | 17:29 Sat 28th Oct 2006 | Gaming
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ive been a ps2 maniac for ever!!! now im wonderin whether i should get the ps3 or xbox 360. help me i dont know wat one help plz???


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Buy a 360 now. The PS3 doesn't come out here until next March (unless you were thinking of importing one) and new systems usually don't get that many great games for a while.
The 360 has a great library of games right now (such as Dead Rising, Splinter Cell DA, Saints Row, PES 6, Test Drive, Condemned, Ghost Recon etc) and some great looking games coming soon (like FEAR, Gears of War, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Lost Planet etc) and don't forget great exclusives in the future such as Halo 3, Forza Motorsport 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 etc.
Plus exclusive titles are getting more & more rare now (both consoles will see Resident Evil 5, GTA IV, Assassins Creed etc at the same time).
By the time PS3 has been launched and starts to get a good library of games together (probably by this time next year) you will know if you want to sell the 360 and get a PS3 so you wont be losing out on anything!
The one area the 360 lacks in (and so did the original xbox) is japanese RPG's so if you are a big fan of these your choice will be limited, but there are some on the way!
PSM3 magazine stated the fact that all consoles take a bit of time to bed in, but as PS3 is being released in November, by the time it comes out here, there will be plenty of good games for launch. There is some cracking exclusive games available for PS3, one of which i've put a link for below, but one of the biggest factors is that you get a Blu Ray player built in, you know, the players that were released here last week that you can't get for less than a grand? That and the fact it's totally backwards compatible, right back to PS1. Now enjoy the trailer below and remember it's actual in game footage.
Assassins Creed isn't PS3 exclusive. It's coming out on both, looks the same on both and UbiSoft have stated as fact the the A.I. in the 360 version is better than in the PS3 version.
Beware of false information.
Hmmmm, good point, i see your false information and raise you a built in Blu Ray player and backwards compatibility.
Okay, here goes!
Backwards compatability is only an issue if koolkid is going to sell the PS2. If not then it doesn't really matter. And as for Blu Ray - what happens if it's a flop and HD DVD becomes the new format (a HD DVD add on is coming soon for the 360 for movies only at somewhere around �129). It's impossible right now to say which format will come out on top and with 360 at least you have a choice.

Btw, please don't take my original answer as an anti PS3 rant because is wasn't meant that way. I think the 360 is a fantastic console at the moment (and in the near furure) but of course that could all change by this time next year. I haven't ruled out switching consoles myself, but I am enjoying the 360 right now!
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Lol, i ruddy wish. I say wait til both of them are out and there's always an independant mag that will cover all available machines, i mean you don't want to fork out money then discover you really want the other, or in my case, get an understanding Mrs and get all of them :)
And as Tracy said, sorry for sounding like a sales rep for Sony, best of luck.
sony think they can take on all the other manufacturers and win and while people keep on buying their sony exclusive formats then they can again remember betamax , remember minidisc , those movies that only play on a psp
pass on sony if only for their sheer arrogance as a corporation i have stopped buying sony for this reason
get an xbox 360 m8. They are alot cheaper and the graphics and memory are garenteed to be alot better. The games are alot but ps3 games will be more. I've always had an xbox and im totally against playstaion. Just get a 360!!!
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Most of what can be said has been said but just to add my two pence worth...I have had the PS the PS2 (and PSP...WHY WHY WHY !!! ) now I am a convert..I have gone to the 360..and my god..I wont ever look back. Here is the run dowen of my reasons:

1) Controls..the 360 controller is so, so, so intuative, inparticular the thumb sticks, so much more accurate. Naturally I cant compare this to the PS3 yet but apparently the Xbox controller was better than the PS2.

2) Games...Microsoft have gone all out to snap up exclusives..even ones that Sony thought they had assassins creed. Also Fifa and PES are exclusives for a year..which means no footie for PS3 owners until this time next year. At this rate there will be no advantage, time wise, for release of games for any console owner. But if exclusives are here to stay, the battle will be won by Microsoft, seeing as they have more money flying about than Sony. more GTA exclusives for Sony !

3) Online...probably not a lot of difference other than the fact that its easier to set up with the 360 than I expet it to be on the PS3...after all Xbox is owned by Microsoft, and for all their faults, they do own the largest PC share they know their stuff better than Sony

4) HD-DVD versus Blue Ray....360 has (soon) a our console...and if you want the HD-DVD add choose to have the extra or not..with the PS3..its inbuilt, so you have no choice but to pay the extra. As for who will win the HD battle..I think It will be HD-DVD..why? Because all the TV's are called HD tv's so by association, "HD telly" equals "HD-DVD" not HD telly equals Blu Ray...see the connection ?

5) is commonlly known can but the 360 and a Nintendo Wii for the same price as you will be able to buy the PS3...why spend that much money on a console that will be no better than another at a far less price? For the extra frame rate that its will supposedly have? No...the 360 is due to get a patch very soon to bring the frame rate up to match that of the there are now no techincal advantages either.

6) Time....PS3 was due to be out Summer 2006, then Xmas 2006, now March 2007....are we sure?? Shall I put a fiver on it that It will be delayed again? Maybe not, but there is no point in buying one...

Remember this is not biased, I have owned PS consoles, I have just gone over to the Xbox 360 and wont look wont either
Two small questions here, where will be the first place you will be able to play the next gen Grand Theft Auto and as always the exclusive Metal Gear Solid Games? PS3 for both of these. I'm not against The X Box in any way, i mean i've got a 360, but i just think that the bulit in Blu Ray is better than having to buy one as an add on at a later date, and as i said, the exclusive games on PS3 are excellent, i'm not too sure what "Exclusive to 360" games i'm frothing at the mouth to own.
See a working PS3 below ies_here
In response to johntheplamf:

Medtal Gear solid ?? There are better other similar games out there on 360 now, most of which are exclusives. As for being a PS3 exclusive I dont know, but I dont think Microsoft are threatned by Metal Gear, its not a wow !! game anymore.

GTA: Cant confirm this 100% but I dont think it is PS3 exclusive. And it might be at the moment, but wait and see, I think Microsoft will snap it up anyway. Just like nearly every other PS3 exclusive

In regards to Blu-Ray not having to be an 'extra' you miss the point about giving people choice. Sont is forcing it on you. Microsoft is not, its giving you option. Anyway the cost of buying it and the 360 itself will still be less than buying the Sony PS3

I think the PS3 will be a great machine, but all value in every department points towards the 360

If you want to see how great the 360 is just pick up a copy of the 'Official xbox 360 magazine' it will open your eyes..

Oh and for retro lovers, the original SWOS will be out on 360 soon on Marketplace, the original ! (If you dont know what SWOS is, dont worry) and guess what? Its an exclusive to Xbox ! Come on !
john the palm gta iv will be released on the xbox 360 from day 1
it is no longer a exclusive title
i can confirm this 100%
Yes GTA IV is coming out on 360 at the same time as PS3 and Microsoft has done a deal with Rockstar for exclusive extra content via Live. This is 100% comfirmed.
i have a 360 and love it! i was going to get a ps3 when they come out but this blue ray - hd dvd battle has made me think twice, the ting is the 360 is already established and with the ps3 not coming out this cristmas either i can only imagine that tose waiting for the ps3 will sod it and buy a 360, microsoft know that there isn't any rush to release games as there isn't any competition out there, hence the delay in releasing halo3, as for blue ray, i can't see how it's going to take any sort of strong hold on the market as microsoft aren't backing it, my money is on big bad bill gates all the way!!!! ps3 will die just like betamax.
Thing is there is no advantage now to owning a PS3, admittedly the only downside to the PS3 is the cost and perhaps the awkwardness of on line set up, compared to the 360 anyway.

So there is no argument against owning a 360 anymore.

And talking of games being slow to come out on the 360, its true to start with the 360 was a little slow, but once they realised Sony was struggling time wise they knew there was no rush, and now just as xmas is heading our way and with the advent of PS3 around the corner there are a glut of truely awesome games coming on the 360...yes some are just continuation of old themes, but being next gen machines..they will be such an improvement on old gen are some of the best to come:

Colin McCrae Dirt....(No longer just cars..and the graphics !!), Call of duty 3, F.E.A.R, Bioshock, Gears of war, Frontline, I could go on...

As for the Blu Ray, people wont associate Blue Ray with HD-TV's but they will associate the HD-DVD with HD-TV's because they have similar names.

I think the PS brand has been a landmark gaming product since one can deny that..but Sony just seem to make mistake after mistake...Mini Discs...Memory Blu Ray ??

If anyone is waiting for a Sony PS3..why? What advantage could it possibly have over a 360 now?

Get both I am because i can't decide
A lot of people are harping on about the "free" blueray player inside PS3. Judging by its price point its hardly free and unfortunately the compression used to encode the movies on these discs has for the most part been based on dated MPEG2 technology (the same as DVD). HD DVD which is available on the 360 by the end of this month as an aptional extra is selling for under �130 along with a remote control and a copy of King Kong. The compression used is based on the newer MPEG4 codec which gives a lot better quality in a much smaller space. Blueray will move to this compression over time but as usual Sony has hobbled the PS3 right from the start.

If you can afford to buy both then go right ahead, but from a the point of view of someone who id just going to buy one then a 360 makes much more sense. Its cheaper. has loads of great games available now, you can add a HD DVD drive at a reasonable cost at a later stage if your a movie watcher.

On a side note, its worth putting a bet on the PS3 not launching in March, Sony have proven they dont give a stuff about Europe with their endless excuses and delayed launches (over a year for the PSP).

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