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milkybarkid | 17:32 Fri 18th Aug 2006 | Gaming
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i heard there was another grand theft auto coming out soon (not liberty city stories). is this true?


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Let's hope so ...
i believe there is another incarnation coming to psp and of course gta 4 arrives oct next year for ps3 and 360
Booooo....we want a new PC version
Boo? I've nowt to do with it!
I've heard that the new GTA will be based in Europe. I cant think when or where I heard it, so dont get excited quite yet.
The next game is a game for PSP based in Vice City.........will probably come to PS2 also a la Liberty City Stories.
baseley, liberty city stories is already out on ps2, i saw it in virgin a few weeks ago!
Not you dear ...-o)
There have been rumours about where GTA4 will be set but they are just that - rumours. Rockstar haven't said anything.

All they have said is that it's a brand new game engine.
I just hope they sort out the magical disappearing cars when you backs turned and the rubbish lighting. Oh and the useless cop AI.
i like milky bars !! :)
Microsofts Peter Moore had the GTA IV logo tattoo'ed on his arm for the E3 MS press conference see ges/blog/tatoo_250x300.jpg

It should be with us in October 2007 on PS3 and Xbox360
Xbox360 version should have exclusive downloadable content.
We tried the new gta 4 its not that good
dotcom999 - "We tried the new GTA4 it's not that good"

Do you have a time machine?
Yesssss its true

GTA: Vice City Stories comes out in october/november for PSP which means a release on PS2 in the spring i should think.

as for GTA4, speculation from Rockstar suggests late 2007 on all next gen consoles!
its for psp and ps2 and its called vice city storys its out now

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