Monument Valley On Ipod

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anaxcrosswords | 17:08 Sat 05th Apr 2014 | Gaming
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Like 2048, Monument Valley is getting rave reviews. The idea seems to be to rotate/move parts of Escher-type landscapes; looks lovely as a puzzler.
However we can't get it to work. My daughter has twice downloaded it to her iPod, but it doesn't launch any further than its welcome screen. Would happily just delete and forget it, but it wasn't free.
Anyone else had trouble with it?


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No, I haven't had any trouble. I've got it on my iPad. Is your daughter's iPod the right version for it?
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No idea, cloverjo (and she's gone home now, so I can't check). The odd thing is that, if it is the wrong iPod, the app still installed and got as far as the welcome screen.
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I think my daughter's iPod is 4th gen - it's the non-camera one that came after the one with a camera, anyway.
On the App store, the compatibility is listed as needing IOS 6.0 or later, and should work on an Ipod Touch, so it might need IOS updating.
Gameplay wise it looks similar to 'Fez' - an indie game on the xbox.
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