How To Go Directly To A Certain Level Of Candy Crush On Laptop?

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shivvy | 18:57 Sun 30th Mar 2014 | Gaming
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I usually play Candy Crush on my iphone but I have got to a level that I can't complete. I have looked online and some people are saying that there is a glitch on it when played on iphones. They advise to do that level on your pc.

I really don't know how to do that though. Do I download the game or just play it online somewhere? How do I skip to the level I want to do? Will my phone know that I have passed that level when I go back to using it? Can I do it without it having to be posted on facebook?



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What level is it?
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Just persevere. It is do able save up all your daily wheel boosts and use them when you nearly complete the level. The hammer lollipops are good.
I'm playing on two different devices through FB but sent been able to skip any levels.
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Bringal the only daily boosts it gives me are the pink circles but it doesn't give me the option to use it at the start of the game. Got the hammer once but that didn't make too much difference!

I don't want to skip the level but apparently it is easier on the laptop.
If you save up your hammers you can use 3, 4 or as many as you have in the one game and it can help close out a game. One level I think it was 183 or something round there took me two months to do.
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But I have been playing this level for approx 3 weeks and have only ever got 1 hammer. I didn't have the option of saving them up cos I wasn't getting them!! Am I doing something wrong that I can't use the pink circles? I have won lots of them in the daily boosts but can't see how to use them on this level.

There have only been about 2 or 3 other levels that have had me this stuck. I like challenging levels but I'm getting really frustrated with this one.
You can't always use the wheel boosts on every level but they save up and will come in to play on another level. Keep trying it's the only way.
There is one level (can't remember which one but it's one where you have to get rid of the jellies and get a certain number of points) that can't be done on the iPad - it's impossible to get the required number of points. It's a glitch, apparently. I did it first go when I signed into the computer, but I'm on Facebook and just signed onto candy crush through that. It gives directly to the level you are on, and when you complete it, your progress is still shown on your iPhone.
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How To Go Directly To A Certain Level Of Candy Crush On Laptop?

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