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ozmeister | 14:47 Tue 27th Aug 2013 | Gaming
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Hi - major problems with XBox live. Last week as a result of a security update it requested a password when I tried to log in, I simply cant remember it. I have been in touch and Microsoft are being less than helpful. To make matters worse when the XBox Live account was set up it was with my son's eMail hotmail address, he can't remember his password to obtain the reset link.

The Microsoft Account is however in my name / I pay the £5.99 monthly subscription and can access it on my laptop, despite filling in all sorts of forms on-line and providing various confirmation of ID they don't seem capable of re-setting the password for me ?

Anybody else had similar problems, or offer any advice other than deleting this XBox Live account and starting all over ?

Thanks in advance.


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As long as you know the email address it will let you reset the password via the website. Just click the 'Can't access your account' link directly under the sign in icon.

£5.99 per month? I pay £31 ish per year.
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Thanks Triggerhippy

Does involve a new subscription ?

Oh...don't mention it.
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I had massive trouble with this - literally only got it sorted an hour or so ago.

xbox live did an update and the problem rectified itself. It stopped asking for the email/password.

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Problem With Xbox Live

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