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bongoboy | 23:35 Tue 14th May 2013 | Gaming
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Nearly finished single player campaign, and am really impressed.
Graphics are rather good. Game play is excellent . Sound is awesome as well.
Wondering why the majority of reviews said that this game was very bad to average at best. Not played multiplayer yet, but am wondering if there is a bit of C.O.D snobbery going on. I.e. If it aint C.O.D it aint no good.
Or an i wrong. What do you think?


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Hi Trigs
I'll give the multiplayer a go later, and see what i think.
Won't get anywhere near Battlefield 3 i bet. (
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Yes, i did see that.
Fingers crossed on that score. Got to be better than that pile of diddy that is Star trek.
Meanwhile. I have resident evil Revelations, and Metro last light pre ordered for PC. The new Call of Juarez reboot (gunslinger) looks relly good at £11.99 on Steam.
Gone back to a more western, and arcade version to get it back on track.
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"Have you seen that ea announced that they have an agreement with Disney to make all the new star wars games and dice are developing one. Star wars battlefield maybe?"

It will be Battlefront 3 and no doubt numerous movie tie-ins (cash-ins).

I maxed the previous MoH but only played the MP beta on this and wasn't impressed. SP is meant to be very linear and generic I believe.
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MOH Warfighter was too easy, even on veteran.

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M O H Warfighter Reviews

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