Scary game for the Playstation 2

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shivvy | 20:40 Fri 12th Oct 2012 | Gaming
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I would like to get a scary game for the Playstation 2 for Halloween and need some recommendations from people who have played the games.

I am looking for something that would be suitable for young teenagers and I don't want one that involves shooting and violence. I would rather get more of a puzzle type game which is still spooky.

Anyone got any suggestions?



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Project Zero 1 and 2 are meant to be good.
Never played them but I think you are only armed with a camera so suggests no violence or shooting.
Unless you count shooting with a camera *arf* *arf*
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Thanks Mattk but I looked Project Zero up on youtube and I think it would still be a bit too scary for the kids I wanted to entertain.

Something modern but scary would be great.
So you want something scary but not too scary?!
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Lol Mattk - yes, scary but not too scary!!

It is probably too hard to ask someone else to decide on what is 'too scary' because it really depends on the kids I suppose?

I don't play video games so have no idea what types of games are available so I appreciate you suggesting Project Zero.
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I've found one called Monster House which looks less scary than Project Zero but it is the same format i.e. someone walking around a building. Does anyone know of other spooky games in a different format?
Well, if you want not too scary try haunting ground. It has a eerie feel to it. It's not too scary and it has a ton of puzzles. Now if you want really scary you can try Fatal Frame 1 2 or 3 has a lot of puzzles too. Or Silent Hill 2 or 3, lots of puzzles too (not too scary).
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Thanks hunt9909.

It looks like the scary games all seem to be similar ie the 'walkabout' format.
I suppose Resident Evil 4 is out the question then...

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Scary game for the Playstation 2

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