My order says pending after checkout

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Nintendo_Lover13 | 19:05 Sat 11th Aug 2012 | Gaming
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So I pre order a 3DS XL from a website called cost The order went through but it says pending when I check my order status is that good or bad I don't know will I have to re- order the system. I know I had the money cause it went through it wouldn't have gone through if I didnt have enough funds so please help I'm really worried I should have ordered from best buy but ordered from this sight instead. Free shipping and no taxes either.


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How long ago did you place the order?
Many systems have 'pending' as a stepping stone between an order being 'completed' and 'dispatched'.
Difficult to judge if you've been ripped off without knowing the timescales.
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I ordered it today it went through and stuff and when I check the site it says pending is my order on hold or did my money not go through ?
How on earth do you expect anyone to know that!

Especially as the site you've stated ( doesn't exist http://
Sorry Bibble lol
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Sorry everyone cost that's where I ordered it from.
So, if it is a legit site, pending usually means that the order is being prepared for dispatch, and if it's on the weekend it won't get posted till Monday, and the timescale you describe seems quite acceptable to me.
OK :)

seems like a legit site...

But what I said still stands, you can't expect a bunch of strangers on a website to know the status of your order.
Chuck, what the OP is describing sounds just like sites I use - you buy, you get a series of account updates one of which is pending, finally dispatched - it's possible that the OP is just thrown by seeing this for the first time and is seeking a little reassurance.
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Yeah thanks guys sorry I tend to freak out alot when I think something goes wrong like my 3ds I had to send to Nintendo I'm such a worry wart lol

It's not unusual for an order to be pending, generally the process is

Order received (pending)
Order payment processed (pending)
Order sent to warehouse (pending)
Order packed and dispatched (dispatched)
Order received (delivered)
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So I should be worried then :(
Why should you be worried? It is weekend - Saturday night - there will be fewer or no staff on, and no parcels collected till Monday. You need to worry on Tuesday.
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Why Tuesday when it comes out on the 19th of August I pre ordered it for a reason.
That's probably why it's pending then - they can't send it out yet (even if it wasn't the weekend).
Now then.
If it doesn't come out till then, how can they send it?
I'll just go and get my crystal ball and do some gazing........alternatively you might a) pull yourself together b) present all the facts clearly and succinctly c) don't provoke a woman on the edge d) give them a ring on Monday
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Okay I'm sorry didnt know :(

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My order says pending after checkout

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