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EvianBaby | 12:55 Sat 31st Mar 2012 | Gaming
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Anyone play this game? Want to give your username so we can have a little play?


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not on this site, evian - we're not allowed to give personal details out on here...
Everybody seems to be obsessed with this app at the moment including most of my facebook list. Ever wished you hadn't started something?
Question Author
I'm ware of that boxtops. I'm not that stupid.

There are no personal details involved.

Im addicted Ratty!
You just have a random name on the game just like on here, No one has to know who you are. Just find random people to play against who you will never know or choose from your facebook friends that have to accept to play with you anyway. Great game!
The step-daughter was playing that the other night. Sounds like Pictionary to me. Or do you have to act in Pictionary?
We went to the Weald & Downland museum yesterday. Its a collection of houses dating 1500-1800s that have been moved brick by brick and timber by timber from their original locations in Sussex to the outdoor museum.

It felt like actually being in Skyrim!.......that is all.....
lol, sorry, that was meant to be its own thread :-/
Ive been addicted but ALMOST fed up lol...i have an array of colours ive earned though ;0>
Mr Boo plays this ,and it does look addictive! He's now muttering things like "hmmm, must get a stylus"
I think it would be fine to swap details for this! It's just something like your username here isn't it?

Don't share unless you're happy to of course.
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Yes, just a username. The game holds no details at all (unless you log in via Facebook but even then the only thing anyone can see is your first name and initial of surname plus pic).

If anyone wants to try a game my username is Katy_buck. But I'm currently on a run of 89 successful plays with one person, doubt you'd beat that! ;)

It is addictive. A little too much. Might be best if I don't take the iPad to work tomorrow.
I'll add you :)

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