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adz842 | 18:50 Mon 19th Jan 2009 | PC Games
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Im level 80 orc warrior on kul tiras server looking for a very good partner for a 2v2 arena team or 3x3 :)


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Hi, can't help you as I'm an Alliance player on the Lightbringer server ;-)

But your best bet to find a partner would be to advertise on your server or to make a post on the official WoW server forum.

Good luck.
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lol have tried that its like looking for a needle in a haystack, all the good players are already in teams, i pvp all the time but just cant get anywhere in arena :( will keep looking. tell me what is your server like for pvp and arena?
Dunno to be honest, not tried either all that much! I did try a twink in the 10-19 bracket, but never really took to it (despite all the gold spent on enchants etc!) As Lightbringer is a PVE server i've never come across PVP much unless i've PVP'd myself.

Sorry I can't help much, my inital reply was more of a hello from one WoWer to another- lol.
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thats very nice of you and hello to you too :))

i love the game and have played since it started its very addictive tho :)
Haha, yeah very addictive. I've been playing for about 2 years now, i think?

At the moment I'm busy gearing myself up for heroics, though i'm finding drops are terrible for a clothy, either that or i'm just unlucky.

If you ever decide to switch server, look me up and say hello, my character name is Tuesday.
Hiya, Id be interested but Im on the Eonar realm, lvl 80 mage

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World of warcraft arena

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