Lambs liver with onion,bacon, mash & gravy

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musicman4 | 21:14 Thu 11th Nov 2010 | Recipes
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I had lambs liver with onion, bacon, mash and gravy from M&S - it was um, i have'nt eaten liver for over 40 yrs when i lived at home with mum & dad, i'm 60 now, and found the taste again.

Can anyone help with how to cook fresh lambs liver, how long? with what? how do i make a sauce/gravy etc.



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Cut the liver into slices.
Put a tablespoon of seasoned flour into a food bag and toss the liver in it.
Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry the sliced onions and bacon then remove it from the pan.
Put the liver into the pan and seal all sides.
Add the onions and bacon.
Crumble a stock cube in if required.
Add hot water from cooked veggies and boil stirring to thicken.
Simmer until the liver is cooked as much as you like it. (I prefer it pink in the middle, like a steak) don't overcook or it will go tough.
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thanks maggott
i always add mustard powder to flour
To lessen the sometimes overpowering flavour, u could try soaking the liver in milk, before cooking.

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Lambs liver with onion,bacon, mash & gravy

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